Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas House

My SIL affectionally calls my parents home A Christmas House… I don’t know if it’s traditional stature or the red walls in the dining room but my mum certainly puts a lot of time and effort into her Christmas decorating – I’m not even allowed to help at 30 years of age!!!

Here is this years Christmas tree


(you can click on any of the photos to enlarge)

I have to say I think it’s my mum’s best yet. Due to my little nephew and my parents trying to make life easy for themselves this year they decided on an artificial tree and it fits perfectly in our dining room – won’t it be lovely eating Christmas dinner watched over by it’s twinkling lights

Our tree decorations have travelled full circle from the days of childhood when it was all plastic baubles and Mr Men (I have been searching with no luck on eBay to replace… oh the wonderful decorations we had that were thrown as deemed “rubbish”!) to my mums “adult” version of crystals to now when it’s filled with decorations from our travels in New York over the years


our love of The Tudors (and gingerbread men!)



or gifts from my brother and his wife's Disney trips


More from Bloomingdales… and dad gets a look in with his cigar decoration


Our tree now has character and a story and I have to say – I really like it!!!!

As well as the tree I certainly think fireplaces lend something Christmassy don’t you think?

Here’s a cute little decoration I picked up on my trip to Van Hagues at the end of November


You were able to select names (they only had mine!) or relations (no in-laws so just daughter!) so their stockings can be hung – isn’t it cute! These represent my brother and I, his wife and my nephew

And here’s the “real” fireplace in our lounge


I’d have to agree with my SIL…. I do have a Christmas house!

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  1. You do have a "Christmas House" and it looks lovely. Love the red walls in the dining room, your tree is just beautiful and all the special ornaments are wonderful. Christmas dinner is going to be magicial in this festive room...hugs, Linda

  2. You christmas home is lovely and festive. Yes eating your christmas dinner with the twinkling lights will be magical! Have a very merry christmas! suzie. xxx

  3. That post was lovely to read over a cuppa, Victoria. I like how 'family baubles' and decorations tell a story. Every year when I get out my one or two 'inherited' christmas tree decs I tell my husband Tom the story behind them and each year he humours me by acting like it's the first time I've told him! :)
    My sister got one of those fireplaces you've pictured! Very sweet.
    Have a great weekend. Xx

  4. awww...lovely decorations! I like the idea of a christmas tree having something of the family and history to it... my mum got rid of all the sentiment a few years ago...much to my horror...Just wait til I take charge on my own family tree!xxxx

  5. I understand the Christmas House thing. It's like when you look at a new property to buy and all you can think about is 'where will I put the Christmas tree?' and decorate it in your head! :O) I love your Mum's tree. I am the same, no one is allowed to help me do the decorating either!

    I suspect you got snow too? The sky is thick and grey again and it is trying to snow again. I'm loving it!

    I love those little fireplaces. I looked at them a few weeks ago in a garden centre, but they didn't have my name or Little Girlies name. I knew they wouldn't!

    Have a great day and a lovely weekend, stay warm!

  6. looks like a wondeful place to live in!..why do you want to move???!!! ;-)

  7. Yay, it looks fab, hats off to your mum. Particularly loving the gingerbread man decoration.
    Hen x

  8. Wow we do look very christmasy at your mums, i shall have to take a pic of mine,xx merry christmas

  9. It was really lovely looking at all the unusual christmas decorations on the tree, they are so much fun!

  10. It looks lovely!! I wish I could see it for real!!!


  11. What a gorgeous tree! My Mom is most definitely decorating obsessed. But then...she is awesome at it!

  12. I think that is so great your mum gets such pleasure out of decorating for Christmas. So funny that you are not aloud to help!

    Lovely pictures,
    re comment go Kelly with that hairstyle, that would have been hard to do.

  13. a lovely christmas house.... I have lots of NY decs too.... I love a memory tree, thats what christmas is all about. Tx

  14. You didn't mention getting stopped at customs smuggling all those lovely decorations into the country!!! ha ha
    Can't wait for boxing day with the extended family!

  15. It's lovely that all your decorations have a speical meaning. I love the tudor lady!
    Lisa x

  16. If Christmas house equals warmth and beauty and red walls to boot, I do agree it's at your mom's home! I love your little decoration you picked up too! I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Suzie

  17. Ooh all those decorations are looking gorgeous. Some of your ornaments are really unusual! great to have a peep x

  18. What a lovely "Christmas House"!!

  19. Well done looks great! Love the red dining room :)

  20. I love your mums christmas house! The red wall makes a great background for the lovely tree.


  21. yes you sure do have a Christmas House! LOL that your mum doesn't let you help decorate! Loving the ornaments, especially that Macy's taxi! Too cute!
    Have a lovely Christmas :)

  22. Me again! Just to say thank you for all your kind comments on my blog this year, Victoria. I wish you and yours all the very best for Christmas and the New Year; have a fab time! :) Xx

  23. OOOh love it -- love the jewel tone colors!!! And the US-themed ornaments of course!

    A wonderful home to celebrate within...!

  24. It does look very festive & I think the red walls add to the charm!


  25. Merry Christmas to you and all your family in your lovely Christmas houses!
    Warm Winter Wishes,
    Cally x

  26. ahh how nice,i have one of those fire place ornaments too,i got little stockings for the cats and the guinea pigs they didnt have one with dfs name tho so i had to get a blank!

    i can see why they call it a christmas house,it does look v.festive!!


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