Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tools of the Trade

Weight Loss Wednesday has rolled around once again and today I’ll be showing you the tools that make my weight loss journey much easier, I mean you wouldn’t begin a sewing project without sharp scissors and good fabric would you?

I choose not to attend WeightWatchers classes; instead I have my own set of scales which I can weigh myself on to the ¼lb

These scales have many functions which I’ve yet to explore but I’m content for now to know that I can record even the smallest losses from the comfort of home (and for free!)

WeightWatchers food scales have become invaluable to me; they are so simple to use and even my mum is happy using them and doesn’t find they take up any more time than necessary

People often moan about diets as they don’t want to weigh things as it’s too much effort. If you are thinking like that now and not prepared to change that attitude you are likely to struggle with your weight loss. I too have been of that opinion but there’s a reason I gain weight after eating a big meal – there’s just too much on the plate!

We are quite happy weighing choc chips to bake some cookies and wouldn’t dream of cutting fabric without measuring the correct size so why not apply the same rules the grated cheese we pile on our baked potatoes?

So how do these scales work?

Put your meat, veg, whatever food on the scales, find the correct letter, ie P and scroll to find “potato”. When you press "points" it will tell you how many WeightWatcher points there are. The results from using the scales can be pleasing like when I discovered 2.5 points of Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream was a bigger portion than expected or shocking when I cut what I thought were "sensible" slices of crusty bread only to discover it was 5 points worth!

Kelly has a set of these scales and finds it useful for portion control as she commented last week. When weighing potatoes for my dinner last week she served herself the same quantity as me rather than eating more than necessary just because she was allowed to on her Slimming World plan

It’s definitely one to add to the Christmas list and of course works just like normal scales so you could even work out the points of your favourite cake!

I have Kelly to thank for my next tool, the WeightWatchers calculator

I was initially using the paper version fearing the electronic version too complicated - I was wrong! WW use kcal's and sat fat to work out the points value of foods so your favourite pizza or packet of crisps just punch in a few numbers and the points are revealed

Again the results can be both shocking and pleasing; I had mine with me on a recent shopping trip and was delighted to find that Oreo Cookies (my fave!) are only 1 point each. I'd previously been avoiding them assuming they'd be too high

Do let me know if you have any of these things and how useful you find them

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  1. I am doing the online version so the tools are on the do have to pay though.

    My home scale goes to the oz and even does body fat...UUGH!

    I really like the 2 tools you just mentioned....I hate logging on each day but the good point is like a food diary.
    You know what you have consumed during the day.

    I am a bread eater...I have been using whole wheat pita bread for 2 points. I have made pizza,sandwiches,grilled cheese and even had my hamburgers on it :)

    I am off to check the price on those goodies :)

  2. Wow - high-tech tools! I've not seen these things before!! Thanks for sharing pics.
    Good luck!

  3. I only have the first scales, but my husband has put his information in and now I just cannot use it...yeah I am a noob! So now you know why LiLi doesn't loose weight hehehe!

  4. You are obviously very self-disciplined. The only thing that really works for me is exercise, and I am struggling on that point at the moment. And funnily enough, eating more bread - I think because it is homemade it is very filling, and it stops me from eating cakes and biscuits! And the worst thing is sitting at the computer - I think I use more energy being up and about!

    Pomona x

  5. I would be lost without my kitchen scales, points calculator and bathroom scales!!

    I've been counting points for so long it is second nature to me now! :)

    Have a great day

  6. I have the food scales from years ago when I lost 22lbs with WWs. Sadly most of it is back on now but I am trying, honest ;o)

    My bathroom scales are similar but not WW, give me body fat/water/muscle/bmi/weight, phew! My mum and sister are addicted to them!

    I would defo like one of those little thingies to carry around with me, off to look on their website. xx

  7. Mmmm..scales!!! What a nightmare today!!! I've relised only this morning that I've gained 2 kg since the weather has become colder and my dear brace has been taken off..gggrrr!!

  8. Hello Victoria

    Those scales do sound interesting!

    I would like to loose a stone but it's slow in happening as I haven't been able to do my daily brisk walk along the lanes. As it is a single track lane, I get splashed by tractors and cars passing by in this kind of weather! Cutting back on sweet food is not easy but I must be more disciplined to go back to my usual size 10 instead of being a 12!
    I used to eat everything under the sun and never put on weight. Since being in my 40's it's not been as easy, I now have to work at it to keep the weight that I want to be.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  9. I don't have these tools but they would be so helpful....taking the guess work out of what you are eating is the only way to go.

    I was not able to view the you tube clip....I've heard of Ginger Beer but what is it exactly? hugs, Linda

  10. Interesting stuff...though can't I lose weight without losing money from my wallet purchasing these items? :(

    Incidentally, went and watched Enid - thanks so much for the recommendation - I wrote a whole blog essay on it as I found it fascinating and I linked to you as way of thanks! xxx

  11. Great advice, I have been surprised at how portion controll makes a difference xx
    Making meals for you and weiging them has taught me that i can eat less ad still be satisfied!

  12. I have a WW question. How do you find out how many points you are allowed each day? Do you have to join up initially to do it?

  13. I love the calculator, that is a great tool! I had no idea that was even out there, so much easier than the paper slide thingy!


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