Friday, November 13, 2009

Your Secret Santa....

Could be one of these lovely ladies!

Kerry at Blueberry Heart
Sarah at Dotty Daisies
Caroline at Mary Ann Lucy
Vanessa at Hapi-ness
Teresa at Tcakes
Teresa at Tcakes
Vicki at Victoria Plum
Sophie at Chez Sophie
Lucey at Lemonade Kitty
Phillipa at Phillipa Gardens
Rachel at Fizz Pop Bang
Cally at Cally's Cottage
Dolly at Treasure Happy
Natalie at Eissua
and of course two girls called Victoria and Kelly!

If I've missed anyone off the list do let me know!

Thank you to everyone that has joined in! Kelly and I are overwhelmed with how many new and old friends have signed up and don't forget to send me a request if you'd like to join the Flickr Group for this swap

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  1. This is Santa's "Nice" list, right? LOL! The Secret Santa is so much fun! (In fact, elf-me went window shopping for ideas today!) Thank you so much for organising this delightful holiday exchange!

  2. Thank you lovely ladies for putting all this together! I'm looking forward to continuing to "get to know" my gal and continue buying goodies! *& of course I'm looking forward to the day I get to open mine, but I think more than anything I'm just excited about finding out who my Santa is! :D*

  3. wow that's an impressive list.
    I pitty the poor person who got stuck with me lol.


  4. Even though im not swapping, i cant wait to see what everyone comes up with for their swaps!


  5. Thank you for all your efforts!!!
    I have to confess you that I've got already an idea of who could be my Santa..he he!!!
    Hope to complete my package of goodies today with some healthy shopping ;-)

  6. I would've loved to make part of you secret santa, but with my life at the moment being so hectic, I cannot afford to compromise and then fail.But I really wish you girls LOTS of fun!

  7. This is so much fun! Now lets see, where on that list is my Secret Santa recipient......... ooh yes, there she is! Yoohoo!

  8. Ohoo good luck and have fun everyone :)

    Ohooo Victoria what a lovely thought to ask your Brother for a little fire related treat for Master P. I know he would be over the moon, even a little leaflet with a fire engine on would be so wonderfully received.

    Thank You


  9. I had written one of you and I thought I was on the list. I have the button on my sidebar. Who knows I might do anything, but I was looking forward to it.

  10. Hiya,

    I love your photos of the Country Living Fair, it is so hard to get good shots at those things!

    And brilliant effort with the Secret Santa project, it will be brilliant,

    Do tell about the V&H fair?

    Sarah x

  11. I'm so excited about taking part in my first swap1
    Thanks for organising it for us all.
    And so many new blog links to check out!
    Lisa x

  12. well done for all those links Victoria!!


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