Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My names Victoria…..

and I am Weight WatcherIt’s now time for my Weight Loss Wednesday posts to move onto my tips about EATING but first let’s have a little background

You need to know I’m a weightwatcher as I will speak in terms of points (I’m allocated 20 per day) although you won’t need to be a WW to use many of my tips as WW is more about (in my opinion!) portion control and a sensible way of eating

I will say I’m a BIG fan of WW and find it one of the most sensible diets (not that it feels like that!) on the market. I cannot abide diets that remove certain food groups, I mean seriously…. life without a potato – NEVER!

And if it was good enough for Miranda

It’s good enough for me!!

It is also worth me mentioning that I do not attend classes since I first signed up (gulp!) 9 years ago! For me paying £4 a week to be weighed wasn’t something I could justify and I have all the tools (see next weeks post!) to follow the plan at home

Please don’t think I’m someone with a will of iron either, I love my food and don’t really have any body hang ups so find it hard to deny myself. Would I like to be slimmer? Of course but do I want to live without a chocolate treat and a cup of tea each evening? No! This is why WW works for me.

Next week I will begin sharing tips I have found useful for sticking to my plan – and I can assure you I haven’t gone without! In fact I’ve found myself actually eating better and enjoying my food even more

As I say my tips will be based around WW points system but they can easily be adapted for your day to day routine. Kelly is often kind enough to invite me round for dinner and on these occasions we have eaten the same meal fitting to both our meal plans (Kelly follows Slimming World)

I hope you will find my future posts helpful and I would love to hear your tips or even anything you’re struggling with – we’re in this together remember

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  1. Lovin the weight watchers too..that is why it do not have to GIVE UP your favs....just the Large portions.

    I wish I did not have hang ups...but then again I love to eat too so I would be huge~LOL

  2. I love WW can have anything within reason....looking forward to your tips next week...hugs, Linda

  3. my brothers girlfriend is a member of slimming world,and she is one of those people who turn up and pays just to get weighed,and when i say that i mean seriously just to get weighed!she doesnt even stay for the meeting afterwards!!shes crazy..
    I Love christmas with the kranks!!its one of my fave christmas films,i've watched that a few times lol ive also been watching christmas vacation,elf,jingle all the way and even home alone hehe!anything remotely christmas-y and im watching it!


  4. You sound so enthusiastic that I might give it a try too. Let us hear more!

  5. I'm a Weightwatcher too! I'm surrounded by faddy dieters at work who are forever cutting out carbs/protein/solids etc and have a go at me when I treat myself to a Twix on a Friday (not realising I can eat what I want as long as I count the points!). I'm not bothering with meetings at the moment, but may go back to my local meeting in the new year as I find the classes and meeting other weighwatchers really useful and inspiring at times!
    I just love food .....

  6. I would love to read your tips. I don't follow any diet programme per se, but I like the WW programme. I am struggling to fight the last pregnancy pound off and they are the hardest to free ourselves from, I guess.
    Anyway, looking forward to your next posts.

  7. W/W rules :-D

    Rose XXX

  8. ooo I have to say I am quite excited about this. The girl I sit next to at work does WW too. I used to never give a second thought to what I ate but as I have gotten older - and less mobile - uni days required lots of walking to and from class and waitressing...nowadays I sit in front of a computer... and as my metabolism has failed me, I have found that the weight keeps sneaking doesn't help that where I work also loves their treats and I am not good at resisting! Plus I think my portion sizes could have increased a bit too...anyway it is a whole load of things and whilst I don't feel like I eat LOADS, it is still an issue -so any tips would be most, most welcome!!!! xxx I do go to the gym too but this is taking its time to kick in! :(

  9. i love ww..but at the minute ive not been doing it properly..
    i love the fact as long as your in points you can eat what you want... i love the sausages in cider gravy ready meal..hmmm!!!!
    look forward to all the handy tips!!

  10. Popped over from Vicki Plum, but I have visited before....hello!!

    £4 a week? It's now £5.50!

    I joined (November 2006) and got to goal (losing 1.5 stone) back in January 2007 earning GOLD status.

    Thankfully, this means as a returning gold member (I did the four wi's a year to keep GOLD status), I get FREE weigh in's until Bronte is six months old (she is now just turned three months).

    I have just over a stone to lose to get back within 5lb of goal, and 1.5stone to get to goal. Or if you like....I am back to my pre-joining WW weight of this time back in 2006! :o( But I look at it this way, I've lost well over three stone of the (nearly) five I put on when pregnant (eeek).

    I don't follow the plan as such, as a breast feeding mum I'd be expected to have 31-32 a day!!! That is waaaaay too much food! And I certainly wouldn't go just to get weighed if I had to pay for at the moment, I just go *because it's free*. Actually I have a spare copy of all the new books/plans if you're interested? For some reason I ended up with two....just let me know.

    Good luck with your weight loss. I am going for my WI at 6pm! Wish me luck.

  11. Victoria, I love WW too! I have been back on the WW wagon lately and I've lost 4 lbs. I plan on losing alot more!! Good luck to you!

  12. WW does fit in with everyday life, I just find it sooo hard to resist the boys stuff like the crisps and biscuits :(
    I don't go to the weigh ins I can't part with that sort of money, I do pop in to the meetings to buy the cereal bars and sweets, cheeky I know.
    Anyway I'll be seeing you tomorrow how exciting is that?
    Take care

  13. You doing Weight Watchers has taught me better portion control too!
    Even though I do SW and can eat 'unlimited' quantities I use the amount you can eat as a guide xx

  14. I will be very happy to read all of your ww tips. Do you excercise a lot with this system?
    ~Debra Capers of the vintage vixens

  15. I love WW too, I did it between 2nd and third kids and still use follow it to some degree! Can't wait to see your tips!


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