Friday, March 11, 2016

Disney Villains by Wet n Wild Make Up Haul

I love the Disney Villains and I had of course see photos online of this fun collection brought to Walgreens in the USA by Wet n Wild. When my brother shouted over to my sister-in-law, niece and I as we browsed the make up aisles that there was a tucked away display of this range we ran straight over and scooped up as much as we could.

Of course some reigning in was required as we actually discovered the range whilst killing time before we headed to the airport but I couldn't resist a few purchases for aesthetic reasons and keen to try and see how this range functioned.

I do love blusher and so I had to pick up the Evil Queens Jealous Blush.  This is a huge and heavily pigmented blusher in strawberry pink shade with a slight sparkle to it. The packaging is a little cheap but I ignore that for the wonderful image of the Evil Queen herself. I really enjoyed this blush and for a few dollars it's something to make my smile when I look in my blush draw.

I picked up all three lipsticks in the range, Magic Potion, Majestic and Dragons Lair. Magic Potion is a true red which reminds me of old style lipstick formulas before we had so many offerings. This applied nicely from the bullet and sat nicely on the lips without drying. It looks both perfect on the lips as it does on my dressing table. 

I'm yet to try the other two lipstics, Ursulas more of Summer red and I'm not sure whether Dragons Lair a brown shade will work for me but I wanted all three to display on my dressing table! I've also got the Ursula Shimmering Powder which my niece also picked up. She had less restraint than me and was opening and applying in the car and it appeared a little lacklustre and didn't last very long but I'm yet to play and confirm for myself.

Are you a Disney Villains fan?

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  1. I adore the packaging on the jealous blush (that is my 'not impressed' face that I use on my kids) and the Maleificent lipstick (though the colour isn't one for me). Why can't we have all this cuteness over here?

  2. These look incredible - LOVE the packaging! x

    Under Blue Lights

  3. The lipsticks all look gorgeous! <3


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