Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

The US appears to have fully embraced the Korean trend for cushion foundations and despite offerings being available from the likes of Lancome and even Marks and Spencer on the high street it feels like we're still being a little slow to catch up.

I certainly hadn't given much thought about them until I saw L'Oreal's drugstore offering until American YouTubers started raving about L'Oreal's True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. It was added to my shopping list hoping that I would be able to get a head start before it reaches the UK. Which I shall add I hope is very soon as I'm loving it.

This is the first cushion foundation offering from the favoured high street brands although there is one available from KIKO in CC Cream form currently at 30% off priced at around £11. I paid $16.99 in the States which works out around £11 so it'll be interesting to see on it's release here what price point it'll be but I expect around that point.

Whilst I've mentioned some other cushion foundations available the only other on my radar was really Lancome's offering released last year and we know who owns them, L'Oreal so one would make the assumption that we might have a high street dupe on our hands.

I'm unable to compare to Lancome Miracle Foundation other than by facts, such as packaging differences for example but the biggest thing to note is that Lancome offer a refillable compact, and the refills are priced at approx £13 on Feel Unique. This isn't something that worries me too much, especially as I tend to prefer to make a fresh purchase rather than refill packaging which I'm sure would get messy and the lid scratched.

Both the Lancome and L'Oreal cushion compacts seem very similar. The cushion portion is plastic and a shiny lid, Lancomes in Silver and L'Oreal in Rose Gold which I'm sure will make it more popular and instagram worthy.

Your L'Oreal compact opens to reveal a mirror in the lid and a slim face sponge. You open the further sealed compartment and reveal your foundation soaked sponge. If anyone else has walked past the Lancome counted and scrunched their nose up at the dried out sponge on Lancome counters you might agree with me that even in its moist state the cushions for these foundations look like those cheap dish sponges you can find in Tesco's.

I have to confess I'm not too interested in the science and reasoning behind why and how certain foundation formulas are put together, for me I'm in interested in how it feels and looks on my own skin. In short it looks flawless and feels so lightweight.

I have been using this pretty regularly as despite initially thinking the whole process would be cumbersome I actually find it both quick, easy and pretty therapeutic. So used to buffing foundation in with a brush or slap dash with my fingers this sits somewhere in the middle. I thought I'd find the sponge application technique outdated but I could literally see my skin being smoothed like I was applying my very own instagram filter. Its a light to medium 'luminous finish' depending on how you like to build up. For days of running errands I could use just a few swipes but when wanting a heavier coverage just keep smoothing on. I also found it easier for me to apply and build up in areas that needed more attention than with other application tools.

There's a lot of talk about the hygiene aspect of cushion foundations which I'm not sure I understand. If you're using your fingers for application (something I've not tried yet) wash them and it's not different than popping them into your cream blush. Likewise wash the sponge applicator as often as you do your brushes. It would be nice to able to buy more of those separately though. My biggest issue right now is how long will this foundation last before it dries up as I'm sure that will factor into whether the price is practical and affordable. I'm very diligent to ensure that I tighten the inner lid after use for fear of speeding up that drying process. My SIL also picked this up and says that she found after 2 weeks it felt drier than day one and as I'm now a few months into it's purchase and of course as a 'blogger' I'm using numerous products over the course of the months so the Loreal Cushion Foundation is picked up here and there (usually when I'm in a rush!) and I have found it's not as 'wet' as it was originally but I'm still able to use.

This is also the perfect foundation for those of us that like to apply make up on the go as it is so compact and all you need is the enclose sponge. I could quite happily use this on the train without worrying about getting messy fingers or pulling out brushes.

If I were to note one thing which some may class as a negative it would be the lack of SPF but as someone who applies separately I'm not worried.

As mentioned my SIL also picked this up and she is very picky about her make up products and swears by Estee Lauder Double Wear but this has got her hooked and like me we're both panicking we may run out before it hits the high street.

Have you tried any cushion foundations before and will you be lining up to try L'Oreal's? Word is it's hitting stores next month.

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  1. I have the lancome one (I felt pressured to buy it buy the goth type salesman - lol, I didnt dare say no!!! ) tbh for the money I wasnt that impressed and it didnt seem to last 2 minutes but it was convenient - Ive not bot a refil for it :-(. so it will be interesting to see what price this is in the uk xx

    1. Oh that's a shame you didn't like the Lancome one - esp if you felt pressured into buying it!

  2. I am not a fan of them at all. I have tried several different companies and they run out fast and frankly for the price point not worth it. But that is my opinion. I have asked my friend who is a top Lancome rep on what her customers have thought and they all think the same thing as I. Not a big seller. Grace xoox

    1. Such as shame as I really like the formula and application but I wonder if it's the pad I'm liking and could do the same with a normal foundation?

  3. I really want to try this, hopefully it'll be launching over here before too much longer! I think my main concern would be with it drying out, too, but we'll see. The rose gold packaging is so pretty!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. I think it's this month it's due to make an appearance. I've definitely found whilst it's not dried up yet it's not as 'wet' as it was on purchasing and it's harder to work with now. x


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