Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Menage Skincare for Men

My brother loves when he gets an opportunity to try out products thanks to blogging so when a recent delivery from Menage Mens Skincare arrived. As he left with his cries of 'swag' I allowed him to put the products to test and after his visit at the weekend asked for an update.

Menage Batch #001 Hydrating Antioxidant Gel* was a limited edition product and their strongest formula to date. Delivering moisture which often gets stripped from shaving and aftershave in addition to the usual elements. Reducing the signs of irritation and protecting against wrinkle-causing free radicals it'll leave skin hydrated which of course makes you look younger. 

I think we're far away from the assumption men don't like to look after the skin and I know that my brother is always keen to protect his face, especially due to his role as a fireman leaving his skin battling more elements than most. A small amount is applied like you would any regular moisturiser and you're good to go, paying extra attention to days when you've shaved. 

My brother said his skin was left looking refreshed and he that it didn't feel heavy on his skin like other products can. He's particularly a fan after shaving as he usually hates feeling tight or seeing redness that can often occur. 

Menage Hydrating Age Defence Gel* is a similar product from Menages regular line and is a lighter creamier product. With the protection against wrinkles and delivering moisture the difference with this product is a drier finish.

I asked my brother which he preferred and he couldn't say whether he preferred one more than the other finding they both did a similar job and neither left him disappointed. I asked if he would repurchase the products when they have run out and he said that the price might be prohibitive to him, although he is known to be very 'careful' with his cash. He did say that he'd ask for them as a gift though - in short he'd like someone else to pay for them. I think this is common of most men in that they don't look to the products quality and will just pick up what they find on offer when shopping.

*this post contains press samples

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