Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gifts for the future beauty blogger

When my niece announced that she would like 'fashions, jewels and make up' for Christmas I knew she was a chip off the old bloke. As she is only just approaching five it did mean that it wasn't the time to start introducing her to 'real' make up yet I still wanted to get her some nice products. 

There was recent outrage when Katie Price's daughter appeared in a full face of make up and I'm certainly not judging. I agree children should be children for as long as possible but equally if my niece wants to apply a lipgloss like her mum and auntie over the weekend then I'm happy to indulge that with supervision.

I decided the first thing Violet would like is a make up case. She loves going through my make up drawers so this would give her her own. I found the Cinderella Sparkling Make Up Case at Toys R Us and it would set up our trip to Walt Disney World in January perfectly as we have lunch booked with Cinders and her Princess Pals. 

The case itself is a little plastic and clunky but perfect for Violet. In the case is a tiara, ticking off that jewels request also, and a few small 'child friendly' make up items. 

Next I moved onto Marks and Spencer where I'd already seen their Cinderella collection of beauty products. Tempted myself this was the perfect way to indulge Violet and I. There was also the bonus of a three for two offer at the time of purchasing so I managed to be quite savvy with my spending.

First I picked up the Cinderella Bubble Bath which I cannot find online but have seen it in stores since, along with some cute lip balms in various designs - a perfect stocking filler. These sorts of character bubble baths are available all over the place and whilst I can't comment on their quality - it's been some years since I used one - the Snow Globe design will be a big hit with Violet I'm sure.

Next was the Cinderella Eau de Toilette. Again I've not opened and can't vouch for it's smell (I'll update you on Christmas Day) but if it stops Violet diving into my Chanel and Jo Malone stashes I'll be happy.

The final product is the Cinderella Lip Palette which I'd have been tempted to buy for myself. A wonderfully designed palette of six lipstick shades, all of a nude lip variety which Violet can experiment with to her hearts content. On opening the cardboard packaging there's a die cut image which just adds to the magic.

As mentioned these products are not showing online at Marks and Spencer although the Cinderella Bumper Book Gift Set is which I'm tempted with just for the packaging alone.

I can't wait to give Violet these gifts, especially it was only last weekend she was telling me how she wants make up for Christmas.

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  1. These are all lovely, I used to love playing with make-up when I was younger - some things never change, eh!?

    Jess xo

  2. I totally agree with you! If little girls want to do their makeup they should be allowed to! It's a form of self expression and creativity and it's also FUN! I don't know why Katie Price's daughter was criticised so much for it. As long as little girls aren't forced into it, I think it's great! These presents are sooo sweet. Perfect princess presents for a lovely little princess! x

    1. Couldn't agree more, she was obviously embracing the theatre of it all whilst KP was in panto! x

  3. How fabulous! When my nieces were small I would buy them fun items like this so we could all enjoy! lol Grace


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