Tuesday, December 15, 2015

For the Foodie | Garlic Grater Kit

I recently headed down to Winter Wonderland and amongst the most bizarre 'souvenir' I came home with was a Garlic Grater Kit. And I bloody love it. As such I wanted to share with you today because I can honestly say if I had opened this on Christmas morning I would've been overjoyed.

If it's not clear already I love garlic. I throw garlic in anything and everything, me and Edward Cullen would not get on. I always have a stash of frozen garlic in the freezer but there's nothing better than fresh garlic but my god do I hate washing the garlic press after it.

This rather pretty blue garlic plate will make those worries a thing of the past.

You may already be familiar with this item as it's one of those gimmicky looking products that you can see being demonstrated at Ideal Home and Food Shows and the like and at this time of year within the Christmas Market at Winter Wonderland.

My mum actually has one of these so when we saw the display I knew I couldn't leave without it, the biggest decision was choosing what pattern I wanted.  She even said, they're brilliant you must have one.

So what do you get in your Garlic Kit. Well first let me tell you anything you want to grate; fruit zest, ginger, nutmeg, anything, can be used with the spiky porcelain plate. You simply rub your chosen food around the plate and and hey presto you have what you need. Quick as a flash and no squeezing and faffing with garlic presses. And that tube, the quick easy way to peel garlic. Just pop the glove inside the tube and role. Honestly it's like magic. Again another reason I rely on frozen garlic is the whole peeling of the cloves and how fiddly it can be and the accompanying smell on my hands.

And finally that little brush, your method to clean off your plate and/or deposit your gratings into whatever dish you are rustling up.

Call me crazy but this is just the perfect gift people don't even know they need.

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