Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chanel Christmas Gifts & Holiday Collection

If you don't know what to buy me this Christmas feel free to visit any Chanel counter. Anything wrapped in Chanel packaging will bring a smile to my face.

Firstly Chanel perfumes. I can still remember one Christmas as we gave out presents round the tree, my dad presented my mum with a small gift which my brother and I exchanged a look over because of neither of us had been the ones to purchase it.

Inside was Chanel No 5 one of mum's favourites scents in the bottle with the lid that lifts out so you can dab just like old Hollywood movie stars. It turned out she'd mentioned it one night whilst they were watching tv and dad had taken himself to a local pharmacy to purchase.

Now mums taste whilst still for Chanel she's aiming even higher and is now a fan of the Les Exclusifs range. A few weeks ago we were out shopping London and visited the Chanel counter at Selfridges. She wanted to pick up her regular favourite, Coromandel she also wanted to try Misa, the newest addition to the collection.  Luckily for mum I decided that I'd treat her to one for her Christmas gift and it inspired this post.

Moving onto my Chanel fragrance favourite, Coco Mademoiselle and a gift mum brought me for my birthday. The ultimate in luxury is the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Shower Gel. At £35 this quite possibly is the most expensive shower gel I own but it's bloody lovely and for those looking for ways to treat themselves with Boots Advantage Card points this might be just the thing. As is the Chanel double mirror, both a great price and something to make you smile when you apply your lipstick.

I'm not the type of person to save things 'for best' but there is something about this sort of product that makes you not waste on a day in the office or sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. The perfect occasion to use with abandon was my holiday to Dubai and over the festive season when there's an abundance of parties and nights out.

And finally we turn to some gifts I brought myself from the Chanel 2015 Holiday Collection. On one hand I think I buy very little make up for myself but on the other I find myself talking about some new Chanel purchases in as many month (the previous being the Entrelacs palette from Chanel).
As a beauty blogger I'm lucky enough to be sent many products which means my make up collection far exceeds my friends and likewise being immersed in the beauty blogging community you know of every new release and realise they occur across the brands with some frequency. For that reason a product or new range has to really excite me to see my banging on the door at opening time to make the purchase. Chanel's Rouge Noir Absolutment was one such collection.

It appeared across all the blogs and the palette was constantly playing on my mind. I dithered over these posts, I literally wanted it all and the launch date was in my diary. The date arrived, I realised with my advantage card points and a top up from the bank account I could definitely justify buying at least three items, maybe even the four I wanted. I skipped down to one of the larger Boots stores with a Chanel counter. Admired the range in all it's glory on it's very own stand. I waited patiently for an assistant to help me only to be told that there was a waiting list for the products and they were not released till the following week. In my best I'm a beauty blogger I know best (and more importantly I had stalked and confirmed that release date many times) I queried this but was told they would not be sold and I could only return. I promptly stomped down to House of Fraser and with no time to waste made my purchases there.

As is often the case with new purchases I am still currently in the phase of admiration and yet to dive into the beautiful packaging. Sometimes I wish I was that person who saves things untouched but I will give in eventually and shall report back.

The Rouge Noir Eyeliner I have used once or twice is makes such a subtle change from your regular blacks and browns. I've always loved Chanel eyeliners, there kohls really are something else and this is a purchase I'm definitely glad to have made.

As you read this post my mum and I are strolling around Covent Garden, which now home of many beauty outposts including Chanel, who knows what I could come home with.

What are your favourite Chanel products?

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  1. I love coco madamoiselle - I'm still using up some body lotion from quite a few christmases ago but I am NEEDING more perfume!! However, I wont be getting it this Christmas as I asked for Si instead - maybe my birthday!! (plus I hadnt thought of using my advantage card!) Enjoy Covent Garden xx

  2. So many wonderful things, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite! x

  3. Love pretty much anything Chanel! I only managed to get the mascara from the holiday collection, really
    Wanted the eyeliner and the cream eyeshadow :(
    Do you think the formula for Coco Mademoiselle has changed? I have worn it for years but the
    Last two bottles I've had have definitely looked more pink in the bottle and I'm sure it's
    Not as strong and doesn't last as long on me anymore.

    1. What's the mascara like, I was tempted with that.

      Hmmm I'm not sure about Coco Mademoiselle, I haven't noticed any differences and received some for Christmas too. I've been lucky enough to have the EDP in the past too which is really long lasting.


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