Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sephora Z Palette & Mac Eyeshadow Collection

Sephora Z Palette

Way before I knew beauty blogging was 'a thing' I loved Mac eyeshadows. Above are some of my first Mac eyeshadow purchases and yes I was pretty bold - no neutrals here. I used to purchase them as singles until deciding to depot them and store in large Mac compacts.

When I was heading to Dubai I wanted to take some of these bolder colours away to play with but the Mac palettes aren't the most travel friendly and larger than I would like. Then I remembered the Sephora Z palette I had purchased and was sitting unused in a drawer.

I have the smaller sized palette which in comparable Mac terms would house four eyeshadows but the trusty Z palette holds nine which is pretty amazing in my mind. I have often found that I always seem to want just one more shadow to play with when using my Mac palette and the Z palette clearly knows this.

Z palettes are slim, magnetic palettes which allow you to put any combination of products, be they blushes or eyeshadows as you chose. I'm now very tempted to start depotting all my eyeshadows and blushes and putting them in Z palettes.

If you're interested to know how I initially depotted my Mac eyeshadows it was pretty easy but must be done with care. You can see plenty of YouTube tutorials online but in short you heat up the item you want to depot (I used hair straighteners) to loosen the glue and using a pin or similar ease the shadow out of it's holder. Be very careful at this stage as the metal of the product will be hot!

The Sephora Z Palette even comes with what looks like a cuticle pusher to help you and magnetic strips for adhering the products to the palette, although at the time I used magnetic strip I brought from a local craft shop.

What I particularly like about the Z palette in comparison to the Mac versions is that you can easily remove eyeshadows at any time. With the Mac palettes because they fall into their individual slots, removing them is difficult and I've damaged colours along the way just trying to move about.

For those interested the colours in the palette are; Swimming, Wondergrass, Chrome Yellow, Orange, Creme De Violet, Parfait Amour, Freshwater, Bang on Blue and Jewel Blue. Some I think may have been discontinued but I know quite a few are still available.

Have you used a Z palette before?

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  1. I have never used these Z palette. So far I only have 4 MAC eyeshadows which is perfect to fit into a quad however I would love to have more and these look perfect! Love the fact it's magnetic! It sounds way more convenient xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

    1. Its definitely perfect for when you have a larger collection x

  2. Wow - those are some BRIGHT eyeshadows! Love them! x

  3. I used to think that I wouldn't like to depot anything, but recently I've been considering depotting some blushes to save on space a little. Loving the colours in your palette! <3

    1. Like you I like the idea of making up my own palettes for on the go x

  4. I love the idea of Z-palettes and I will definitely need one when I finally buy some of Makeup Geek eyeshadows :) Love your collection of bright colours in your palette! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner


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