Sunday, July 12, 2015

BruzZ - The Hygienic Nail Brush

Bruzz Hygienic Nail Brush*
I have a new addition to my nail kit and it's not the sexiest of products but it's one of value, BruzZ, the Hygienic Nail Brush*. Invented by a beauty therapist for quicker, easier and more hygienic nail cleaning this is a quirky little product I've made part of my regime.

I must confess until this point I had never really used a nail brush nor even owned one. Of course I clean my hands regularly and have cleaned under nails with an orange stick and similar I've never really  tackled them properly. Ridiculous when you think of how much dirt and bacteria fingernails can harbour.

I have regularly had manicures and nail treatments in salons but you'll never see a nail brush in the salon as they're pretty impossible to sanitise properly and can be very harsh. Beauty therapist Emma Myers decided to set about creating something that she could use on her clients.

The first difference between the BruzZ and your standard nail brush is that the bristles are self contained and will clean the top, underside and tip of your nail in one quick action. The bristles are even contain vanilla extract for a luxurious touch.

Squeeze liquid soap into the centre of the BruzZ and this is all that's needed for cleaning your nails. Due to it's ball design all the liquid is self contained meaning that airborne germs and bacteria will not get in nor will your bathroom be covered in soapy spray.

For those of us that wear gel and acrylic nails and certainly wouldn't want to risk damaging them, the BruzZ even works on them and is gentle enough to not cause any lifting.

Once finished simply remove the bristles and clean - you can even pop them in the dishwasher.

I one for one have made cleaning my nails part of my nail regime, have you?

*PR Sample

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  1. I haven't seen this one before. Thanks for sharing!
    A Beauty Bella ♥

  2. well that's a handy little gadget. Thanks for the review :O) x

    1. I love things like this, especially when they are not just gimmicky but work!


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