Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#mydubai | Day 3

The problem with a much anticipated trip to somewhere like Dubai is that you put a lot of expectations on it. Someone like myself will research and plan to the letter including watching the second Sex and the City movie to get oneself in the mood.

Yes I realise that the film features a trip to Abu Dhabi and was in fact filmed in Morroco but still, I wanted that wow moment when they arrive at the hotel. Whilst our hotel, Le Royal Meridien was amazing and there was a wow moment, it was the wow moment. That came when we visited the Madinat Hotel, part of the Jumeriah brand.

As we pulled up in our taxi for dinner that evening I knew this was the arrival I was looking for. The hotel was the, maybe cliched, vision of Dubai I had in my head. The above photo is taken in the entrance to the hotel a space decorated with water features, plush sofas and traditionally dressed staff and a lot of horses!

Skirt & Top from Next

The hotel is huge and slightly difficult to navigate but that gave the perfect opportunity to soak up all the details of the hotel from more water features, huge sparkling chandeliers and beautiful flower decorations.

We eventually found our restaurant for the evening, Al Hambra

Al Hambra was a gorgeous and relaxed setting for our evening of Spanish tapas and it felt like we were in our own Spanish villa due to our outside seating area with few others around us. We went for the all you can eat option which gave us an opportunity to try a little of everything and it's safe to say we over ordered, ate too much and some of us drank a little too much sangria. 

The staff were fantastic and helped us make our selections and would bring additional plates as we requested and had the right mix of attentiveness whilst leaving us to chat and enjoy our food.

After dinner we went to enjoy our view and take in the gorgeous hotel - then we discovered the 'magic carpet' and much fun ensued from poses to serenading.

You'll see a lot more of the Madinat hotel  as we visited twice more during our trip so stay tuned for those posts. I should also mention this was the point I gave up carrying my camera with me and battling with the low mood lighting or trying to snap multiple photos of food. Any photos you see in further posts (and to be fair those previously) will be a mixture of iPhone snaps and those taken by our hand photographer Ben.

All that was left was to head home and start our tradition of an end of the night life selfie.

I hope you're enjoying these posts from my trip to Dubai and apologise for how long it's taking me but there are A LOT of photos to wade through!

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  1. It all looks so elegant, so pleased to see that you had such a great time too x x x

  2. It does look very impressive, but somehow I feel really uncomfortable in fancy hotels or restaurants.
    Great photo of you jumping. I don't fancy the pork dessert lol!!! x

    1. Oh it definitely wasn't the sort of place that made you feel uncomfortable they were so welcoming x

  3. Loving the Dubai posts, Victoria. That hotel looks absolutely stunning! x


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