Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

A mobile phone is a staple for many of us today, even my dad who despite refusing to use it has one 'for emergencies'. Even if you're not the type to be glued to your handset you've picked up the phone to say you're stuck in traffic or send a text rather than call and get out of plans.

Of course mobile phones today are not just for making calls or sending texts these days, they are 'smart phone's' mini tablets if you will. Waiting for a friend, scroll through your Twitter feed, dining alone then take a read of some blogs on Bloglovin

Of course this can all get very expensive although if you have wifi access at your place of work or similar and you're thrifty then you can almost get away with spending any money yourself which is why it's wonder we all tie ourselves into lengthy two year contracts with mobile phone providers. 

I of course am an Apple iPhone user but I have many friends who actually prefer to use other handsets 'to be different'. I have been trialling the Nokia Lumia 530* the past month to see how it compares to my iPhone, using one of Three Mobiles one month rolling contracts

Recently my company has been taken over and there is the threat of redundancy so my frivolous carefree spending has taken something of a backseat. For a long time in years I've looked at ways I can reduce costs and save money. Rather than renew my annual travel card this year I turned to using contactless payments and the Three Mobile rolling contacts are similar to that. You are not tied down to a long term contract and with the Nokia Lumia 530 as mentioned before, log on to the wifi network wherever you are and you can use various messaging services, access Facebook and the like without occurring a charge.

Returning to the Nokia Lumia 530 there is very little that is different to the iPhone and I actually prefer, as a Hotmail email user the Microsoft element. I can access more emails via the Nokia email connection and the camera is brilliant which you may remember was a big thumbs up when I reviewed the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The Nokia Lumia 530 also saves you the cost of buying decorative cases due to their brightly coloured backs which my only negative comment is was ridiculous hard to get off and put the sim in!

Rolling or pay as you go contracts can also be really handy, not just for money saving but for those boozy nights out or weekends at festivals. I cannot tell you the number of times that Ben has lost his mobile phone and I can't deny there are one or two occasions in the past that I have woke up to find my  phone has not accompanied me home. A secondary handset might seem frivolous but no one wants to spend the weekend dancing at Glastonbury worrying every 5 minutes that their handset has gone missing and someone is raking up the bill uploading Facebook photos and calling friends overseas. Also Nokia handsets far excel iPhone's in the battery stakes. Speaking of foreign climes, we've all been on holiday and carelessly surfed Tripadvisor, sent photos to friends showing what an amazing time we're having on the beach to return home to a mobile phone bill that amounts to more than the holiday itself. A pay as you go sim could be just the thing to ensure you can keep in touch with friends at home whilst allowing yourself to budget and not return home to any surprises. 

I'm not ready to give up my Apple connection just yet but I'm certainly keeping hold of this Nokia Lumia 530 and a cost effective seem, it's going to go a long way to helping me budget this year.

Have you ever been tempted with a short term contract?

*PR Sample

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  1. I'm happy with my Lumia 535, I'm using it for almost half a year already and it take good photos perfect for IG and blogging :D
    A Beauty Bella ♥

    1. I use my mobiles camera for blogging photos quite a bit too, especially when out and about.


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