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Magic Minerals Powder Review

Magic Minerals Foundation Powder*
When I hit 30 I decided that it was time for a little more coverage and began exploring foundations. Scared of liquid foundations I picked up a Bare Minerals Complexion Start Kit and that was my first foray into mineral or powder products. Times have since changed and my foundation favourites are now all of the liquid variety so it was great to return to 'my roots' and try the Magic Minerals Foundation Powder* from Jerome Alexander.

I'm going to start with the packaging both inner and outer as I think both will have an impact on peoples first impressions, my own included. I must confess if I saw this hanging in Boots on one of those JML stands I would likely not give it a second thought and write it off. Whilst our American friends are used to seeing their mascaras and the like in this sort of packaging we are not. It's crazy really that the snob in me would write this off when essentially this packaging is more hygienic than how other beauty products are displayed.
The packaging of the powder itself is fairly unexciting but in a postive way - who can be offended by this compact? It's large and maybe unnecessarily so but I did enjoy the large mirror which enable me to see what I was doing when applying on the train during my commute.
Let's move onto the product itself. What you have is a Magic Minerals Foundation Powder that works to conceal all skin tones covering blemishes, age spots, fine lines and the like. Colour Pigments work with the powder to reveal a 'brighter, fresher and more radiant you'
The first day I went in with my Magic Minerals powder I was not impressed. Any of my post-Dubai glow had been knocked out and my skin looked flat. This is definitely a powder for the fairer skin tones. The coverage was good, did it feel like a cream to apply as claimed? No, but it was certainly smooth to apply and didn't leave a powdery finish.
Never one to give up on day two I decided to make use of some products in my stash that had been unloved. Before applying the Magic Minerals powder I started with the Bourjois Bronzing Powder to warm up my face and then using my current favourite product, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal and a little concealer under my eyes.
This certainly made a difference to the flatness I experience in day one and subsequently was how I used the product throughout the rest of the week with happy results.
The compact supplies you with a 'professional style stubby brush' which was easy to use and helped aid applying too much product so you could build as needed. They also included a round sponge pad which I cast aside without a second glance as they're not for me.  
For those that take note of ingredients on their products Magic Minerals has them listed on the back
of the compact. As you can see there is mineral oil in this product so dependent on the side of the fence you sit on this may make a difference as to whether this product is for you.

My overall opionion of this product is firstly never judge a book product by it's cover packaging. This is a great powder which provided good coverage on my skin. I must make the note that my skin is particularly free from blemishes and the like so I can't comment on the more severe cases for coverage. As mentioned any of my suntan was knocked out from using this powder which should speak positively of the coverage it provides if you're concerned about redness and the like.

I did need additional coverage for my dark circles but that is my personal bug bear so I could be being extra critical on myself. If you have oily skin and/or prefer a more matte coverage this is definitely one to consider trying, likewise if you're not a fan of liquid foundations. Another thing to be mindful of is whilst the claims are that it works for all skintones even I with a slight tan from my recent holiday found it was more on the pale side.

Have you used mineral foundations before?

*PR Sample

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