Monday, June 8, 2015

#mydubai | Day 1

possibly the least flattering photo of me I've seen!

Our first full day in Dubai began with us being collected from the airport by our hotels car service and whisked away armed with ice cold bottles of water and flannels. On arrival at the Royal Meridien hotel we were taken to their reception lounge and more cold flannels and fruit juice were offered whilst we begun the checking in process.
Ben and I were told our room wasn't ready so we took up residence in one of the others whilst people changed for the pool and then we headed down to sample the buffet breakfast. As part of our package we had booked into the Club Tower which meant we'd have breakfast, afternoon tea and pre-dinner drinks and canapes available to us every evening.
Whilst sitting round the pool it became very evident that the Dubai sun is hot hot hot! Over our afternoon tea we decided not to stray too far from the hotel as we were all shattered from the travelling and booked a table at one of the hotels on site restaurants, Maya.
Pre-dinner Peach Bellini

Maya was the perfect start to our holiday and who doesn't love Mexican food. Sitting out in the open air, and well placed next to a very large air conditioning unit we dived into a feast of tortilla chips and guacamole.
I'll blame fatigue from travelling that I diverted my usual preference for fajitas and in the spirt of trying something new on the recommendation from the waiter I picked the Beef Short Ribs. Whilst it was delicious it was very heavy and not very mexican. We all agreed we should have just ordered fajitas for six and piled in around the table.
Maya also has a lounge playing music and serving drinks which we wanted to join friends in but unfortunately the boys were wearing shorts so not allowed. That said I was rather pleased as I was exhausted and ready to climb into bed and start afresh the next day.
Unfortunately photo were lacking from the evening due to being so tired and the resturant being so dark. I must confess that I actually didn't take my camera out after day 2 and relied on Ben to be photographer and provide photos for my posts so thanks to him for that.
Dress, Oasis (last year, similar online) / Sandals New Look / Pineapple Clutch, Topshop
I did manage to pose for a photo before snuggling down in bed for the night though!

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  1. 70 Emirati Dirham for guacamole? Yikes, that's steep.

  2. Oops, that was the tuna tartare. Still, even 65 for guacamole is high. Hope it was delicious.

  3. Love your yellow shoes, Victoria - and that pool area looks fabulous! x

    1. Thank you they were a last minute purchase and being on the hotel complex I decided to test out how comfy they were - and I'm pleased to report they were easy to walk in!


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