Monday, May 12, 2014

Nokia Lumia 1520 - an Apple competitor?

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First things first you should know that I have minimal technological skills. Yes my parents think I'm a genius because I know how to delete cookies from their laptop and yes I know my way round the basics of Microsoft office but anything deeper than that and it will involve either a lot of googling or the services of a higher being. For this reason please assume this review is as an everyday user!

Secondly I am happy to admit that I am fully immersed in the Apple family. I have an iPhone, I blog from my Macbook Pro, there's the iPad and the Apple TV I've talked about here yet that hasn't effected my new love of the Nokia Lumia and I hope I can give some comparisons between the two platforms.

Last week Alice, Carissa and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Nokia and Max Factor Ultimate Selfie Event and on arrival were able to pick a Nokia handset to take our selfies on throughout the evening. Luckily Max Factor's make up artist and brand ambassador Mel Arter was on hand to freshen up our make up after a days slog in the office and then it was time to let the selfie taking commence.

Alice and I went for the larger Nokia 1520 as we both have iPhone's and wanted to see how it would compare and Tugba from Microsoft was on hand to talk us through the handset and show us what it could do and as she had the same handset herself could speak about it with personal knowledge.

I've actually been thinking about getting a mini iPad for some time so that I have something smaller to carry around and blog on the go so this was a good opportunity to see how something comparative in size would compare - and long story short I'm sold on the Nokia Lumia, or phablet as handsets of this size are known.

I don't know about anyone else but I feel like I use my iPhone for more internet based activity or at the most texting than making calls. Despite having the iPad by my bed at night it'll be the iPhone I'll reach for to check emails in the morning or a quick scroll through instagram at night but the benefit of the Nokia Lumia is the larger screen without the weight.

The Bank Holiday weekend was spent activating Facebook, Twitter and I have used it almost inclusively for Instagram scrolling it's just the perfect screen size and then of course the camera for those selfies. The camera comes with an impressive 20 megapixel camera and many functions that make it comparable to your everyday point and shot - perfect for us bloggers out and about.

I used it on my way home, stopping for a burger and even in the dark and glaring lights the photo quality was excellent. The photo below of Carissa, Alice and I was taken on a Nokia Lumia in a rather dark venue and as I think you can see the quality is pretty impressive. It's rather frustrating that for my birthday I got a smaller camera to take along to blog events and when I'm out on the go and this beauty would serve the purpose more than adequately as well as it's many other functions.

Everything on the handset is self explanatory with the familiar touch screens and side swipes we all know and love. There's a pretty amazing feature called Perfect 365 which is photoshop at the touch of a button and there was much fun in the pub on Friday night after work as poor male work colleagues were given false eyelashes and lipsticked smiles.

The biggest advantage is that I find I now I have two different platforms but both serving my needs and what I miss from one I get from another. The Nokia Lumia will now be a staple in my handbag alongside my iPhone, I just hope my iPad doesn't get jealous.

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  1. Ah I was invited to this event but I couldn't make it :( I'm so jealous, it sounds like an amazing event! That phone looks amazing, I've never tried any of the Nokia Lumia range xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Oh no that's a shame! It really is a great phone to play with x

  2. That picture came out perfect! I love my Iphone but seriously they need to fix their flash. Sometimes it come out purple and mostly really dark, Glad you are enjoying it. Grace


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