Friday, May 16, 2014

Dinner at Nobu, Waikiki Beach

Nobu, Waikiki Beach link

Everyone talks about Nobu restaurants but they have never been on my 'must visit' list due to my (false) assumption they only sold seafood which I do not eat. On arrival in Hawaii we spotted Waikiki Beach's branch was located across the road from our hotel and with Ben's assurances they sold steak we made a reservation.

They also sold cocktails which I duly got started on whilst perusing the menu. It did make us laugh as Nobu have a one drink policy in that you cannot have your next before finishing your other. Obviously this was no problem for me and I did rather enjoy my glass being whipped away and replaced with another immediately.

Ben and I both put ourselves in the hands of our knowledgeable waiter. Ben was easy, he wanted to try lot's of fresh fish and went for the whooping multiple course chef's selection, my options were limited. I explained that I didn't eat seafood but didn't want to go down the obvious route of an everyday steak. He recommended the Beef Tobanyaki which was thinly sliced steak (I couldn't stray too far!) cooked in a clay bowl served with a broth and vegetables. I can honestly say that during my trip I sampled a lot of steak and this was the best I had, days after I was still talking about how melt in the mouth it was.

Of course I needed something else other than cocktails during Ben's multiple plate offerings so I also tried their tempura vegetables which were better than the heavily battered offerings I've had in the past not to mention huge chunks of vegetables rather than the smaller slivers I was expecting.

In for a penny we indulged in dessert, the chocolate Bento Box cake for Ben and Drunken Cherry Tobanyaki for me, again both were delicious and the perfect end to our meal and we were thankful it was only a matter of a few steps to return to our hotel. After so much food and drink I climbed straight into bed, Ben made me laugh that on arriving to our hotel room he poured two glasses of wine, took them to the balcony and turned round to see me in bed snoring away!

Prepare for some foodie shots…

Is it just me or is anyone else hungry?

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  1. I'm with you there, no fish lover. Glad you were able to find an alternative. The food presentation looks stunning!

  2. I love Nobu so much!! I want to go to the one in Hawaii now! I love the way they have a speciality in each place.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. I think you should go… I need to go to the London one now

  3. Looks amazing - like works of art! x

  4. Yumm! I am salivating! Sounds like it was a great dinner!

    May from La Vie en May

  5. It looks amazing and you look radiant!


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