Friday, May 30, 2014

May Favourites

This month has been spent testing and trialling both new and existing items in my cupboards as I try and declutter the hoards of products filling cupboards and drawer space so today's favourites feature a mix from those. In the case of the products I'm talking about today they are the ones I reached for when I didn't want to risk trying something new and wanted something I could rely on or knew would be a hit.

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation link
This was the first foundation I decided to use when I turned 30 and felt I needed more coverage but wasn't keen on the typical liquid alternatives. With a lax skincare regime at the time one of it's selling points was that if I did fail to remove it there was less damage being caused to my skin. I have repurchased this on a number of occasions and it's come in handy on the few hot days we've had when I didn't want to risk foundation slipping off my face.

Nars NARSissist Eye Palette link
Sold out in the UK but still available from Sephora if you're desperate to get your hands on this was my first Nars purchase and I'm more than happy I made the dash to Selfridges to pick it up. 15 eyeshadows in a sleek palette enabling multiple looks it has been thrown in my make up bag on many occasions this month. Despite buying on it's initial release I'd been reluctant to dive in  and do not know why I waited so long. This palette is perfect for travel and will certainly be accompanying me on my next holiday. 

Maybelline Master Glaze Cream Blush, Pink Fever link
I picked up three of these Maybelline cream blush sticks in the US last month and love how easy they are to use - literally swipe, blend and go. I will be popping a full review of these up very soon as whilst I appreciate they are not available in the UK they are well worth tracking down and are great for days when you don't want to think too much about putting on blush.

NYX Matte Lipstick, Shocking Pink link
Another US purchase I picked up as a dupe for Mac's Candy Yum Yum. Despite it's matte finish this has a creamy application and I don't find my lips dry out at all which is often the case with many matte lipsticks I wear. For day I dab this on the lips lightly and it lasts longer than many other lipsticks do on me. If I'm heading out after work I swipe more heavily and build it up for the brighter more 'shocking pink' tone.

Once Upon a Time link
This month has most definitely been dominated by the TV series Once Upon a Time. In just two weeks I managed to work my way through two series of the show having missed its initial airing. From creators of the series Lost, Once Upon a Time features our well known and loved fairy tale characters who due to a curse have had their memories wiped and now live in the present day in a town called Storybrook. Each episode has two stories, one in Storybrook and another from the past as their ‘real’ storybook character which provides us the history of who they are today. Spoiler Alert - By series two the curse has been lifted but not a return to the Enchanted Forest so again more trials and tribulations are ahead.

The series had a possibility that it could’ve been rather cheesy but that is not the case and I’m pleased to see the female characters are particularly dominating very much changing our Disney perceptions of Snow White. I especially loved the early episodes as you saw two versions of the same person and how they differ in their new world from the old and where there are some personality traits that won’t go away – I always think it’s testament to an actor when they can essentially play two parts in the same show and convince the actor of the differences, much like Elena and Catherine in The Vampire Diaries, which I despite being another show I love it’s nice to have one that isn’t about Vampires. 

What have you been loving this month, let me know in the comments. Now I'm off to try and track down where I can watch Series 3 of Once Upon a Time.

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  1. I have been watching one Upon A Time too whilst I Have been off ill. If you do manage to track down series 3 let me know.

    X x

  2. These American themed product posts are super handy for me. I saw the NYX lipsticks and Maybelline blushes in Target the other day and now I'm thinking I need to pick them up!! x

  3. That NARS palette looks gorgeous and right up my alley, but I think I'm already up to my eyeballs in neutral shadows so it'll have to wait until I make a dent in my collection. I used the Bare Minerals Matte formula and wasn't the biggest fan, maybe I need to check out the original!

    1. It really is a handy go to and actually one of few neutral palettes so justifiable for me! Let me know if you try the BM original formula, it's going to come in handy when the weather warms up x

  4. Awesome faves! I really love the Maybelline blush sticks too :)



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