Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Saving Tip | Look after the pennies

Christmas Saving Tips

This tip is a little late for this year but definitely something you can think of and plan ahead for next - I know I know we haven't even got this Christmas out of the way!

I have a cute vintage piggy bank which sits in my hall keeping watching over my front door and every evening I go through my purse and any 1, 2 and 5ps are thrown into the pot. I also take any 10 or 20ps that don't add up to 50p and throw them in too and then just leave it to gather throughout the year.

At the beginning of December I took a heavy bag of change to my local change machine and cashed it all in. I was impressed to find I had nearly £70 in change which I promptly used towards presents and cards. I was good last year and actually brought a lot of cards in the sale but those for parents and best friends I like to buy at the time and this extra cash makes things a little easier on my bank balance.

Having seen this cash mount up and spent wisely I'm definitely encouraged to keep it up in 2014.

Does this sound a good idea to you? Don't forget to comment and let me know your thrifty tips for making Christmas expenses easier.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan - we do something similar, and it's amazing how it mounts up. x

  2. such a good idea. Have to admit we do this, and I LOVE it when I take it to the Coinstar. Yes, a touch embarrassing as it all clunks in, but when you get the final amount and it's more than you expect ~ corker!

    cute piggy bank.

  3. I do this, as James doesn't 'do' money, meaning he hates any form of change & only uses notes or cards!!!! I've managed to save up enough to go on holiday once with the change he leaves about!!!!

    We've just actually changed some change recently in Coinstar in Sainsbury's & we had over £100!!!!!

    It's a fab idea to save it up for Christmas I will start this in January as Christmas is an expensive month especially when we have our taxes to pay every January too!!!!!


  4. Yup we have a jug that loose change gets put into - however we dont seem to make it through the year as when we go to Whitby or the likes it gets raided for the boys (and dad!) to go on the arcades lol. I stopped buying a newspaper and saved the 50p's it soon mounts up and that tends to buy coffees if we have a day out somewhere and lastly my Terramundi pot marked Handbag fund - had to be really - has been raided once to buy a Modalu bag and now saving for a Michael Kors tote - roll on the January sales. Savings good but I see a trend that spending is better xx

  5. When Phil and I got married he had a huge jar full of change and we were able to buy all of our first Christmas presents with it.....of course since me I have taken his change ever since! What a great idea....Heidi

  6. I used to do this all the time! In Canada we actually just got rid of the penny, so now my change purse is a lot lighter!

  7. I have quite a few different things like this! There's a mug in my room for pennies and 2ps which is currently overflowing and I need to get changed! Then a piggy bank for silvers and I've put the occasional pound into one of those pots you have to smash to open...I've saved about £20 in a couple of months just in the piggy bank so it's really worth it! Instead of spending it on junk :) xx

  8. I have a tin money box that I put £2 coins into. Sometimes I go a few weeks without getting any and then I seem to get a few all in the same week. It's amazing how quickly it adds up.
    All silver coins go into a little purse that lives in my car - that way I always have plenty of change for carpark machines.


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