Monday, December 9, 2013

Breakfast at The Wolseley and more

Last Friday I took another day off of work for some festive fun with my friend and her little prince Charlie. First order of the day was breakfast at The Wolseley. I've walked past The Wolseley so many times but never ventured inside so I was really excited and dived straight into my french toast with bacon - it was as delicious as it looks. 

The Wolseley is like walking onto a Downton Abbey set and is lively and buzzing with atmosphere and I'd highly recommend a visit (don't forget to book in advance). The staff were fantastic and I was particularly impressed that they brought Charlie's food up immediately after ordering to ensure that he didn't have to wait too long and get restless.

We decided to walk off our breakfast in Fortnum and Mason Christmas department where Charlie made friends with the reindeer. My mum and I are planning our annual Christmas trip the weekend before Christmas so I'll try and get some photos for everyone and do a more in-depth post then.

Next item on our agenda was Hamley's where Charlie admired the Christmas windows. I don't know if anyone else has been to Hamley's lately but I found it rather disappointing. Compared to Toys R Us and the like its quite small and extremely expensive. We saw toys we'd brought previously for in excess of £20 so we decided to save our pennies for elsewhere.

Last stop was Santa's Grotto - a good place to stop if you ask me. We decided to book the Grotto at Westfield Stratford after comparing prices at other venues and it made sense for us to park there in the morning. Despite not having children myself I've spent a number of years accompanying friends children on their visits to see Santa and this is by far the best I've ever seen. 

On arriving you are taken into playroom where photos are taken of the children and they can run around climbing on a sleigh and putting together a soft Christmas tree. Then you are led into a small theatre where a Christmas story is shown, featuring the faces of all the children present (hence the earlier photos). Once the short movie has finished 3 families are taken in to meet Santa. You are all invited to sit round at Santa's feet whilst he has a chat to all the children about how busy he is etc and then it's photo time. I was thoroughly impressed and at a cost of £4pp it was one of the cheapest on offer.

It was time for Charlie to head home after a long exhausting day so I decided to do some more shopping at Westfield and then relax in the cinema to watch The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. I'm not an uber fan of the films, I didn't mind the first but wasn't particularly impressed and thought the second was worse, quite slow and boring - it was nice to sit and take the weight off my feet for a couple of hours though.

I'll leave you with the photo of me and Santa and don't forget to comment and tell me about the festive fun you've been having.

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  1. Look at you, asking the Big FC for a new Prada bag no doubt!

    I actually agree with you on Hamley's. I like the crampedness of it, it feels old fashioned and I love that. But it does get hot in there, the higher up you go the hotter it gets, and of course, going in with kids means you are there FOR AGES!
    The Girl wanted to buy the Sofia the First castle. It has been hard to get hold of. We saw it in Hamley's, but it was £85. £20 more than I'd seen it advertised for. So I said no, we'll hang on and get it later. Plus, carting a big old box around London Tahn, no thanks.
    Couple of weeks ago we went to Williams & Griffin in Colchester, Sofia castle £60. So we got it there. Not so far to travel with it and £25 cheaper.
    I get it, Hamley's is slap bang in the heart of London, and they must have massive overheads. However, when things are so much more expensive people just won't buy from there. Well they will, because it's Hamely's, but they won't buy as much as they would have liked because it was too expensive.

    You know what I mean.

    Oh that bacon looks good.

    Dear old Fortnums, did you stick one of those hampers under your arm on the way out?! ;o)


  2. How fun! I love Christmas and I love reading your blog and all the fun adventures you are having. Charlie is a cutie. Great picture of you and Santa. Grace xoox

  3. Aww sounds great - looking forward to your F&M post :-) - and hoping to twist hubbys arm for a visit to london in the new year and a little afternoon tea there or the Ritz - lol (had little pension payout seems a shame to invest it ;-) ). My eldest wants to see that film - hoping his dad will take him I dont fancy it - I loved the books but not so keen on the films dont like seeing children killing children if that makes sense. Take care xxx

  4. It sounds & looks like you had a fabulous day! I've only been to Hamley's a couple of times but I didn't really enjoy it on either occasion, especially the upper floors because they get SO hot!

    Jennie xo |

  5. wow that looks like a great day out :) xx

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing day and that breakfast looks delicious!


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