Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Flight Entertainment // Movies

Before any flight as soon as the month of travel arrives I'm on the airlines website to see what the current months movies are and start planning my time onboard. My flight experiences vary depending on general mood, who I'm travelling with, seat etc (for example during last years flight to Florida I spent an hour staring at the back of my nephew's head as he sat on my lap watching a film!).

Despite little sleep, an early start and the knowledge that when I arrived in Las Vegas it would be very late UK time I didn't manage to sleep much on the plane only gaining a few hours but this did mean I was able to work my way through 3 films all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

World War Z was the film I started with. I wasn't sure what to expect and when the action started during the first few minutes I was impressed and then slightly concerned when zombies appeared but it managed to retain credibility and not turn into some farcical horror movie. I recommended it to my mum but she wasn't impressed so let me know if you've seen it and what you thought.

White House Down was only ever going to impress when Channing Tatum was running around in nothing but a white vest but again this was another film I enjoyed. It reminded me of the original Die Hard style films, action with humour and yes far fetched on occasion, the type of film my dad would roll his eyes at but just the sort of film to lose yourself in.

Hangover 3 didn't receive the best reviews and admittedly I wasn't as impressed with the second film but when you're on a flight to Vegas you have to watch the film featuring Caesars Palace the hotel you're staying in. Was it great, not really but worth killing a couple of hours during the final restless leg of my flight.

On the return flight I chose to watch The Way Way Back. This was a film that I'd seen a trailer of some weeks before and as a fan of Alison Janney wanted to watch and wasn't disappointed. Not my usual film but one of those wildcard films you watch just because and end up enjoying.

As I was on a night flight and in a seat which enabled me to put my feet up I was able to sleep much of the way home. I did put on The Intern with Vince Vaughan & Owen Wilson in the final hours but unfortunately didn't get to see the end. The film was ok so I'll wait for it to appear on Sky to catch the end rather than rush out to rent or buy a copy.

Have you seen any of the films, let me know what you thought of them and I promise I will be back to normal blogging next week once I can get some photos taken over the weekend of all my goodies.

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  1. Jejeje, I love to see films when I flight!


  2. I haven't seen any of them but I do want to watch World War Z at some point!

    Jennie |

  3. I really enjoyed World War Z :) didn't bother watching White House Down though because there was a film out earlier this year called Olympus has Fallen which had almost exactly the same story ;') xx

  4. My daughter and I had preview tickets for the Intern - we laughed all the way through it! Mind you, I love Owen Wilson! Haven't seen any of the others but World War Z looks like a good recommendation. XX

  5. So glad I'm not the only one who pre-plans my in-flight viewing - I thought that was just me!! I didn't manage to watch anything on my recent flight out to the Maldives, as we were too busy drinking in the on-board bar! On the way back, though, I watched The Heat and Safe Haven, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. x

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