Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Las Vegas Empties

In the past I have always loved that trip to Boots pre holiday when you stock up on all the essentials you'll need for holidays but it does often mean I leave behind half full products to avoid excess baggage charges as the space in my case has been taken over with duty free and other shopping purchases.

This time with only 4 nights and a flat filled to the brim with fabulous products mum and I had a chat and I was left to take along products that we could share to ensure maximum usage. I also decided to take along one or two products that were at the end of bottles so I could use up whilst away and those are what are photographed above.

Batiste Dark & Deep Brown has become somewhat of a staple for me lately. This was the can lived in my draw at work and used to give my hair a little life before a night out but was nearing the end so thought it'd be perfect for the trip. I can never tell how my hair will react on holiday due to using a different hairdryer, water etc and thought this would come in handy in case I was left with lacklustre hair. Mum also became a fan whilst we were away so it was very easy to use this up and leave behind.

To be honest I wouldn't have thought to take along sun protection to somewhere like Vegas in the past as it wasn't for me a 'sunbathing holiday'. These days reading so much about the importance of protecting your skin there was little way I cold avoid taking an SPF along with me - and let me tell you Vegas was HOT! I was lucky enough to receive Reimann P20 Once a Day Sun Protection* before I left for my trip and with the knowledge I only had to apply once a day made it's use even easier. P20 previously was only available in factor 20 but they have since expanded the range and I took along factor 15 for myself, mum and aunt to use. Containing both protection from UVA and UVB and popping on after my shower in the morning I was able to forget about any need to reapply. My time in Vegas was only spent outside sporadically so I can't comment in detail about it's protection qualities but I do know that the weather I experienced would have easily lead to burnt shoulders etc in the past as you don't realise how hot it can be and there was no danger of that with P20 protecting me.

I had been using Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Body Moisturiser prior to departure and as it was such a small tube it was perfect for travelling with particularly as for dry skin which would be likely in such an air conditioned environment. I have some dry patches on my legs from where I cross them, was shaving legs daily and needed to protect some psoriasis patches on my elbows which need attention and this cream was a pleasure to use. It soaked into the skin without leaving a greasy residue and moisturised the dry areas sufficiently.

You all know I'm a big fan of L'Occitane's hand and foot creams and after all that walking around casino's up and down the strip I knew feet were going to need some attention (I even treated myself to a foot massage at the airport before my flight home). Nothing but good things to say about this cream. Wearing flat shoes for the majority of the trip and covering more square foot than I care to remember my feet didn't suffer badly from hard skin on my return which can make returning to heels at work painful.

And finally my toothbrush. I know a lot of people take a new toothbrush on holiday with them but I prefer to buy a new one for my return home and take the one I'm currently using and leave behind - what about you? New toothbrush or take the old one?

So there you have a bonus empties post for you this month.

*PR Sample

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  1. I also like to take old toothbrush and then throw it out when I leave. When travelling I love to find new fun items. I hope you both had a wonderfl time Grace xoox

  2. I remember the Vegas water really drying your skin out due to the high mineral content. I'm a new toothbrush to take person.


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