Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Flight Skincare Kit from Heaven Skincare

In the past I have always been lax with my skincare regime on flights but thanks to the Heaven Luxurious Flight Bag* there was no chance my skin would pay for my 10 hour flight to Vegas.

Unfortunately the clear bag which contained the kit didn't make the flight as my over zealous filling with some extra products broke the zip but luckily I was armed with Marks & Spencer Clear Cosmetic Bag Set to save the day.

The kit contains Hydo Cleansing Milk which seals the skin against moisture loss. I only had to use this sparingly as I was make up free on my outbound flight but it came in handy on the return when I was still sporting the days make up.

Throughout the flight and during my stay (using as a toner) I used the Peppermint Clarifying Lotion which prevents drying out of the skin and even better guards against coughs and colds in the atmosphere - I think this is the first long haul flight I have returned from without a cold.

I'm pretty diligent with hand cream and none more so than during a flight. My hands are the one area of my body I can immediately notice and feel when they are becoming dry and the Vanilla Pod Hand and Nail Cream was a staple during the flight and in my handbag during my time in Las Vegas. This is one product I will definitely be repurchasing, especially for winter. A thicker hand cream than I've used before yet not too greasy that it won't pass my 'can I pick up a mug without it slipping through my hands' test. I think it's very likely you'll be seeing this in my empties post this month as well as the Bee Venom Mask. Ideal for hydration I slavered this cream on happily during my flight every couple of hours to fight the drying effects of cabin air and it certainly did the trick and was used as my night cream.

Finally was Heaven Scent a spray to assist with the fear of flying due to is aphrodisiac properties release happy thoughts in the brain. I can't vouch for it's claims as I'm not a fearful flyer and it was the product I used least.

The Heaven Flight Kit is not cheap at £73 and I don't know if I would be so extravagant to repurchase it, but I'd certainly buy the clarifying lotion and hand cream again. The only negative with this kit was the poor quality cosmetic bag and whilst the glass bottles added to the luxurious nature of the kit I didn't think they were necessarily the best choice for travel. Luckily I didn't have any problems but they certainly weighed down my hand luggage.

I also added a few essentials of my own; Sure deodorant for obvious reasons, Hydraluron a must when you need to lock in moisture, Blistex Lip Brilliant* as I can bear dry lips and this adds a nice pink tint, Soap & Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel and Blink Eye drops a must for a contact lense wearer

I have to say this is the first time I have returned from a trip without my skin showing the effects of travel and I will definitely make sure I take such care next time I'm lucky enough to fly abroad.

I'd love to hear your travel essentials or if you wouldn't dream of slathering on a face cream during a flight.

*PR sample

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  1. Since I do a bit of traveling I love the concept of this set, and it sounds lovely, but I do agree that the price is a little bit hefty, considering you can create your own perfect set of products for a fraction of the cost. Xx


  2. Ah what a fab flight skincare kit!!!! The hydro milk sounds divine xx


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