Friday, March 4, 2011

Something Old & Something New!

That Gal brightening face primer is one Benefits top sellers which doesn't surprise me!

I prefer brightening primers to foundations and there is always one in my make up bag. Whilst I'm also a fan of Barbara Daly's Face List Cream it's packaging doesn't make it easy to apply on the train 
(yes I'm one of those annoying girls who puts her make up on on the train and yes a man did move away from me whilst I was putting it on the other day - clearly he didn't appreciate my face powder flicking in his direction!)

That Gal is also one product that I use so regularly that I actually replace it frequently (is it just me or does anyone else love when they use up a beauty product feeling like they've justified it's purchase and made some great achievement?) which I had to do last week. I tend to buy it in from Boots so I get the advantage card points and on this occasion it gave me the excuse to pop into Lush in the same area and pick up their Lip Scrub that had I'd been seeing popping up on Tumblr recently

I suffer from dry lips which I treat with Elizabeth Arden's famous Seven Hour Cream in it's lipstick form but I needed something to provide the smooth base first and this lip scrub does just the job - and tastes great too! I loved it so much it went straight in my handbag and I made all my family try it when I caught up with them Saturday!

What beauty products are you loving right now?

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  1. I love Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream,I have it for lips,hands and body!The one that is slightly greasy NOT creamy is also BRILLIANT for burns?!?
    Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Weekend..
    Callie x

  2. Hope you have a great weekend Victoria!! Enjoy!

  3. I don't use much make up but I definitely couldn't put the bit I do wear on on the train. I'm fascinated though when I see someone doing this, especially mascara when the train is bobbing about.

  4. Must try, I have been loving EOS lip balm.

  5. I'm a benefit fan and i also use That Gal - i find i can get my benefit staples like the get even powder that i cant live without cheaper on ebay so I've been buying from there. As a former Lush employee I totally love the lip scrub (and everything else sold in Lush!) Happy Weekend Scarlett x

  6. my face is as rough as a bag of spanners, so I've just about given up. However, I've been using some oily stuff on my fave for the past few months and that seems to be helping a big. Rosa something it's called.

    Loved your morning description! I remember when my Saturday a.m's were much the same.

    No plans this weekend. We had to rethink.
    Some gilbert smashed into hubby's car yesterday and has probably written it off. 21 year old in a porche over the drink drive liming at 8 on a Friday morning. Genius.

    So no car seat, though hubs has replacement car to use. He's gone out to see his mum, but we are home. I shall worry until he returns, but other than scrapes and bruises he is ok.

    time I was off. Making more bunting. It always cheers me up, so I'm in the mood to sew!

    Julie's blog.

    she does not come across well.

  7. I've been eyeing up those Lsh lip scrubs for a while, just couldn't quite get my head round the idea of exfoliating my lips haha! Will def givev it a go now though! xxx

  8. I don't wear make up, but I always like to keep my eyes peeled for good tips for face cream, got to keep those wrinkles at bay!
    Lisa x

  9. Hi there. Love your blog, it's so good!!! Hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  10. I love Soap and Glory's 'Scrub Your Nose In It' Its the best facial scrub I've tried for a while (even better than Decleor) and its got a minty-ness to it that makes your skin feel tingly clean - lovely stuff!
    Must try that lip scrub, sounds my kind of thing!

    BH x

  11. I love Benefit products too. Bad Gal Mascara is a fav, along with Posie tint. Must try the Lush Lip Scrub sounds yummy.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  12. I was drawn to, and consequently started following, your blog because of its name. Love it and love your blog!

    Pop over to bigwords if you get a chance x

  13. Can't go out without wearing my Benefit Foundation Faker and Lancome Virtuose mascara!


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