Thursday, March 3, 2011

February - A Review

February the month of luuuurve has been a good one even if the love is not of a romantic sense!

There has been good food, perfect gifts and the arrival of my new furniture!

My brother was on tv - he was shown pumping iron in the gym which you can image led to some ribbing from his colleagues!

I became obsessed with discovered Tumblr and fell asleep watching the Oscars!

March looks like it should be pretty eventful if the plans I'm making are anything to go by and of course I'll be sharing them all with you!

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  1. Feb just flew by - here's to a fabulous March, scarlett x

  2. I wish the months would stop flying past so quickly. Can't wait to hear all about your plans for March.

  3. I feel like I missed a whole month February went so fast! Bring on March :)

  4. February did fly by! I hope you have a grand March!!

  5. Thank God Feb is over it was a hard one too much I'm ready for Spring...must get around to emailing you I read a funny article and I must share!!
    Have a great day ,missed ya.

  6. I blinked at the end of January and by the time my eyes had opened, March had started! Well, that's how it feels anyway.

    Glad you've had such a good month. Thing is, I think you are such a sunny natured person that you'd find good in every month, even a bad one (which I hope you never have).
    The only bad thing to the months zooming by is it will soon be summer. While looking forward to being able to cut roses from the garden, am not looking forward to 'Scorchio'!

    Was going to say something inappropriate about your brother, but thought I'd save you from going 'eeewww'! *chortle*


  7. Feb did seem to go really quickly, it was only New Years Eve a week ago, wasn't it?! ;) can't believe I missed your brother pumping iron, heh. Can't wait to hear about your plans, I have such a slow month ahead until the last week when I get my much needed break away! x

  8. Happy March to you and yours!!
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  9. February went so fast but I do love March & the weather we're having at the mo is lovely! Look forward to hearing your plans xx

  10. So true V, I thought that was Rob, I did a quick rewind just to make sure. Still have the wine to bring round, will get it back in the car and over to you soon

    Jill xx


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