Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to Work!

This weekend it was back to work in the flat, specifically my bedroom!

When I first moved into my flat I intended to move my furniture from my parents. Unfortunately Kelly & I were being rather ambitious and accepted our limitations and instead I stocked up in IKEA on new wardrobes and chest of drawers. You can see how my room used to look here

I also decided a year down the line I wanted more of a grown up and luxurious bedroom (leaving the cottage look for my spare room) and if possible my original furniture! The chest of draws didn't prove a problem but 2 wardrobes and my mirrored dressing table were going to prove more so!

Luckily enough a friend of the family knew a man with a van and today they delivered my furniture!

First please imagine the alcove wall is painted like the rest! When I originally painted it I couldn't move the large wardrobe out of the way - no excuse now! That's the next job on the list.

 The large wardrobes in the alcove have been replaced with my dressing table - I'm so pleased to have this back even if I don't sit at it!

The mirror was from Past Times, you can see my Valentines gift waiting for a home on the wall and my fabulous vintage French secretaries phone

Next to that is one wardrobes which will house my work clothes

My second wardrobe sits in another cover and inside here are my evening clothes which sadly aren't seeing much activity lately!!

In front of my bed (which you can see in this post) is my chest of drawers with TV and currently some gorgeous vintage pictures

I also brought some new bedding which I've forgotten to photograph so that will have to wait for another post!

So for now I'm off for a bath and then snuggle down in my new bedroom!

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  1. I likey hun!
    Funny as we've both struggled with not knowing what style to go for and I've gone for glam in my bedroom too.
    Black and white and of course, a bit of Audrey.
    Your chair would look fab in my room ;o)

    B xxx

  2. I love the dressing table and the grey. What colour is that paint it's gorgeous?

    I have done the same - cottage in guest room and when we decorate our mian room I want a slightly more contemporary and sophisticated look.

  3. Love the dressing table, and the phone is a classic.
    Hope the heating gets sorted soon.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Love the dressing table, and the phone is a classic.
    Hope the heating gets sorted soon.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. I love your room! The dressing table and that French phone are just wonderful! You deserve a soak in the tub and snuggling in your "new" room! Enjoy!!

  6. Your bedrooms looking really lovely. I adore your dresser, especially the mirror. And I love the idea of having two wardrobes ;)


  7. what a glam room with a whole lotta of style Momma....

  8. Very glam! I love the dressing table but would hate to clean it!! I like the idea of 2 wardrobes, although I think my going out one would be empty...sad isn't it? xx

  9. love it. You are such a glamour puss.

    The partly painted wall is the sort of thing I'd do. That's why the husband has banned me from doing painting, he says I'm a total cowboy! ha ! cheeky git.

    Don't mind though, it's such a faff isn't it?

    Looking forward to seeing the bedlinen.

    have a good strart to the week - the sun is out today! Shocker! xx

  10. Loving that animal print chair and dressing table! Fab bedroom, Scarlett x

  11. Can't believe you've been there a year!You've done so much to your home in that time!
    Love the telephone.
    Lisa x

  12. Your dressing table is stunning, I love the vintage secretaries phone and the pictures are all lovely too xx

  13. It all looks lovely. I'd be having lots of early nights if my bedroom was that glam.

  14. All looking very lovely! What a fab chair at your dressing table! xxx

  15. Looking very glam, can imagine laying in bed watching old b&w movies with some choccies and bubbly. x

  16. Very sophisticated!!I have a vintage floral pic by the same artist...
    Enjoy your new boudoir!
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  17. I'm a bit confused now...
    When I visited your flat,your walls were still white (with the paint samples on ;-) but the bed was near the door..
    Well done on moving your old furniture, it looks greta in a bigger bedroom!

  18. Your bedroom looks great, I was always drawn to a mirrored dressing table, but as I have 2 small mucky fingered boys I decided against it in the end! I do love your phone as well.

    I've been thinking of writing a post recently about my somewhat schizophrenic sense of style - there are so many eras and designs I love, I could really do with several properties to indulge them all... (couldn't we all?)

  19. lovely. i love your dressing table and mirror gorgeous!!

    that phone is fab!

    you can never to many wardrobes!!


  20. That's one fabulous dressing table corner!!!



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