Monday, June 21, 2010

Book Review | Midnight Girls by Lulu Taylor

This week I am reading Midnight Girls by Lulu Taylor 


From the prestigious dormitories of Westfield to the irresistible socialite scene of present-day London: everywhere Allegra McCorquodale goes, scandal follows her. And in Allegra's shadow are her closest friends since school, the Midnight Girls. Romily de Lisle: super rich, brilliant and bored. She's as blessed as Allegra when it comes to looks, but she's a force to be reckoned with. And Imogen Heath: pretty, timid and hopelessly drawn to Allegra's reckless charm. She longs to be a part of the glitzy high-society world where her friends move with such ease. Once free of the cloistered worlds of school and university, the Midnight Girls face new and different challenges, but they are for ever bonded by a terrible secret they've sworn never to break. Bitter rivalries arise as their professional lives soon cross paths. Greed, tragedy and sinister passions threaten their allegiance and each of them stand to lose what they love most...

I really enjoyed Lulu Taylors first book Heiresses and so far Midnight Girls doesn't disappoint. I enjoy books that have two different story lines running that are building up to meet.

As for last weeks read, Tease was great. Yes ok you guess a few things along the way... ok it might have been somewhat predictable but I liked it!

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  1. Hmm, this sounds rather interesting, I'll have to hunt down a copy.

  2. It sounds wonderful like one of the can't put it down books!!

  3. I must read this one too! Suzie xxx

  4. hey doll

    ooohhh these look good, i will have to go and check them out.

  5. OooooH I sooo envy you honey...I love reading but never get the time...and I really have to concentrate to read too! you know i am slightly dyslexic and it takes me ages to read or do anything like that...Fred and Rosie can read books in a day or two but it takes me forever!'ll have to come over to Happy's house and read this lovely book to me! hahaha! Pleeeeeze :)

    Love Happy xx

  6. it sounds great, i love going to bed early and reading at the moment! fliss xxx

  7. Glad you are enjoying your book!


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