Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Review | Tease by Immodesty Blaize

I get through a lot of books during my commute to work so each week I thought I'd share with you what I'm reading, this week is Tease by Immodesty Blaize


Tiger Starr has risen from nothing to become burlesque’s most sensational showgirl…

She’s bewitched an adoring public and media with her old school Hollywood glamour, hourglass curves and wickedly, sexy stage shows.

Tiger’s life is a whirlwind of glamour, diamonds, celebrity parties and more than her fair share of suitors. She seems to finally have it all. But though she may have the talents to bring any man – or woman – to their knees, Tiger never lets her friends or lovers get too close. Only now, she’s finally ready to take a chance on love...

But beneath all the glitz and the feathers, she’s hiding more than her modesty. As she prepares for the most important show of her life, it seems somebody is intent on exposing the dark secrets of her carefully guarded past.

Unfortunately, there’s more than one likely candidate. Is it one of Tiger’s discarded lovers? A rival showgirl? Or even her jealous sister? As her world starts to unravel, Tiger will have to fight for survival, by delivering the performance of her life…

Typical chick-lit which is just the escapism I love on my journey to and from work based in the Burlesque world my current subject of interest!

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  1. Oh that looks good, I think I will check that out.Im not much into reading in the summertime but that looks to good to not read,lol.Thanks for sharing!

    Happy new week!

  2. I love a good old chick lit! I'm running out of stuff to read - being off work for so many months, not being able to go out much, I'm reading lots more than usual!! I could never read on the commute - always sent me to sleep :D

  3. Sounds good! WIll look out for it. Suzie xxx

  4. Looks like a good read - another to add to my 'must read' list - if only I had more time!!!
    Kerry xxxx

  5. Sounds great! I heard Immodesty Blaize being interviewed on Radio 4 a few weeks back- she was frightfully posh! xx

  6. Sounds like a fun read, Victoria - always love to see what other people are reading! x

  7. Thanks for the book synopsis , sounds an interesting story with plenty of things to grab you. Let us know how you liked it!


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