Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Weekend

Hello everyone have you had a good weekend? 
Mine has been filled with friends, family and food!

Friday evening whilst the football game which we won't discuss was on I cooked Southern Fried Chicken for the first time. I was pleased with the results although it was a lot of effort for a meal for myselfSaturday it was off to every Essex girls favourite shopping centre for every girls favourite escapade - shoe shopping! As you know Kelly has announced the exciting news that she will be getting married next month and I'm pleased to say I will be her bridesmaid along with James' sister Samantha who I met yesterday. Samantha had the eagle eyes to spot a fabulous pair of shoes for us to wear and then we had great fun trying on fascinators before deciding on the right ones

Of course I can't possibly show you what we chose but the good news is you only have a couple of weeks to wait. After an exhausting day's shopping it was back to Kelly's where James cooked us dinner and I made ridiculous suggestions for their little bundle from their baby names book

I took along a dessert I'd made; White Chocolate & Honeycomb cheesecake

(from Gizzi's Kitchen Magic, as was the chicken)

Today was our towns local show and I was pleased to see the addition of a fresh bread stall

Brody loved the birds

(here you go Rob a photo of one of you on my blog this week!)

I came home and laid out my bread and cheese goodies from the show and some other treats and have happily grazed  all day

Now it's time to have a tidy up and get ready for another week of work ahead but before I go of course I have to wish my dad "Happy Father's Day"

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  1. All looks yummy :-)
    I totally forgot about the fair, even though Dan reminded me earlier in the week!

    Did go and see the old man though which was nice :-)

    Rose X

  2. oh all that yummy food! i keep craving southern style chicken and fish and chips, my midwife keeps nagging me to be heathly though which isnt as much fun! fliss xx

  3. That looks so good all the yummy dishes! I too have done WW but not for years.

    My mom and I are going to start tomorrow and join online.I can't stand when all your close cut off your circulation! wish me luck the first few days are the hardest and I am a sugar nut!
    I sooo enjoy your blog your such a cutie!!

  4. That cheesecake looks just so good!
    Lisa x

  5. Nice one Vic, food looks fab. Loved the shoes and head bits, you're both going to look lovely.

    Hugs RosieP x

  6. Ooher, not even 9am, and I am drooling over your delicious looking foods and feeling very hungry indeed.
    Couldn't we just get the teeniest little glimpse of THE shoes? A heel perhaps? A label? Something???

  7. Oh what exciting gtimes ahead. You girls will be busier than ever
    Hope your Dad had a great Fathers Day. Here in Australia Fathers Day is the first Sunday in September

  8. a lovely weekend...mmm and that cheesecake.....

  9. mmm that fresh bread looks delish!
    And that cheesecake yummmm :)


  10. looking forward to the shoe/wedding/bridesmaid outfit reveal!
    that cheesecake looks so delicious!!!

  11. Wow, you're really getting into your cooking, Victoria - it all looks delicious. Rather wish I hadn't read this post right now, actually, you've made me really hungry!! x

  12. what a fab weekend.... can't wait to see what the finished outfit looks like for the wedding. Loving the book read too.... it's in my pile to read!. have a fab week

  13. It will be just as much a surprise to us when you get the full outfit on :) ha ah!!!

    Thanks for the chesecake, was yummy!!!


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