Monday, September 12, 2016

Monthly Beauty Favourites | August 2016

Favourites posts always seem more difficult when I've been on holiday as I try and remember the products I loved before I took flight, or question whether the fact I took something on holiday makes it's a favourite. Here's the products which made the list.

First up is Champneys Citrus Blush Enlivening Shower Mousse* from the 'A Little Pick Me Up' range designed to add some zing to your shower routine and it's been doing just that. It's lemon scent is perfect for the mornings when I need all the help I can get. I'm enjoying using the mousse which feels lighter than a gel and for some unknown reason feels quicker to use!

Such a favourite was Palmer's Cocoa Butter Sunscreen Spray* and one I wanted to share that I carried the empty can home from Italy with me. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Sunscreen Spray is quite simply amazing and changed my life, certainly where holiday's are concerned.

Like many I find applying body lotions a chore, and none more so than when on holiday when it's necessary to apply your sunscreen before a day in the sun. Tacky formulas you have to wait to dry, white casts are a thing of the past as Palmer's have combined the new trend for quick and easy body lotions dispensed as spray with SPF.

A new launch from Palmer's (including your more traditional lotion which also got some use during my trip) and their first ever foray into suncare and I'm sold. I was concerned that perhaps the spray would mean I'd find a patchy tan or worse burnt patches from areas missed with the mist but I can report there were now. A light mist and a little massage of the skin to ensure all areas are covered and I was good to good.

This would be a perfect SPF to accompany on City Breaks as you could easily put on clothes immediately on applying and there was none of the staining you can find with other products. The only downside for some may be the scent which is the familiar one expected from Palmer's Cocoa Butter. As my friend commented after he used 'I smell like chocolate brownies' this is amazing.

The next three make up products were ones I was using leading up to my holiday and ones, the only of their type to take on holiday with me. Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlights in Rose Gold Lights is such an amazing product I'm telling everyone they must buy. At only £3 the quality and finish is amazing and one I've had to consciously 'hide' away so that I can make a start testing and using other products. I love how this looks on my skin, accompanies any make up look and saves the need for highlighter if you're feeling a little lazy.

I've finally tracked down the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession range on Feel Unique and am very tempted to purchase Pink Gold and Plum Gold for Autumn. It's Rouge Gold I'm feeling the love for right now and was the red I chose to accompany me on my holiday. It's 'wrapped in 23 carat gold pigments' formula creates a look to my red lip that is different to any others I own and makes a change from the matte lips that are dominating lately.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation was one I wanted but couldn't justify purchasing. Lady luck stepped in in the form of my friend Rose who recently visited from the US last month. I'd asked her to pick up the Glow version which she was unable to track down so picked up this one for me instead. I'm even happier now I've been looking online and see that some people are saying the UK version isn't as good as the US one but I'll have to wait to pass judgement on that but on the tube I have I love. I'm always cautious when trying out a new foundation, especially if its a week day, what looks 'ok' at home could end up looking quite the opposite under the office lights but I'm pleased to say that L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation did not let me down.

Coverage is medium and when I take my time to apply it's flawless. As you'd expect if I'm a little slapdash, skip setting powders and have a particular rough day it might not wear as well but generally it's a foundation I can rely on and one I am reaching for often, so much so I committed to taking this on holiday with me. As such I can report it faired well under warmer conditions too.

Paired with this foundation has been the Primark PS Pro Medium Oval Brush which I didn't have very expectations for. These rather odd looking brushes are popping up on the high street following the higher end versions appearing to go down a storm. I have to confess I've thought them quite a gimmick and scoffed at peoples glowing reviews but when I saw this brush for only £4 I thought I'd give it a try. Whilst this was not a fair assessment as one will assume that the quality differs as much as the price I thought I'd at least get to experience it, rule it out and move on. Obviously that hasn't happened. I don't know if it's the brush head itself or design but it works. I do find that make up takes a little longer, and I do only mean by seconds, to apply as I find I'm more attentive when using this brush. It's dense brushes help create a flawless finish and foundation is buffed easily into skin. As you can see from the photo I haven't even had time to clean it before it was able to make its appearance on these pages.

There are more holidays ahead and plenty of products lined up to test before I jet off so stayed tuned for one or two hauls coming up. Let's see what makes September favourites.

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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  1. These all sound great especially the brush and the sunscreen, I actually picked up my friend a couple of the brushes as her Primark didn't have them and I posted them up to her in Newcastle and she is loving them, I got the small and medium ones for her but she has managed to get hold of the large since and she loves them too. I love a red lip in autumn and winter so will be checking this one out :) xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I'll definitely try out the other sizes in these brushes having had such a good experience - I need to keep my eyes peeled. The red is gorgeous definitely worth looking at xx

  2. I hope you had an amazing holiday! The Palmers SPF Spray sounds amazing. Who wouldn't want to smell like chocolate over the usual suncream smell!?! The Makeup Revolution Rose Gold highlighter looks beautiful too. It reminds me of MAC Stereo Rose. I'm not sure if they're dupes or not, but they certainly look similar in the packaging! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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