Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to School with HEMA

Back To School Stationery

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone ‘back to school’ following the holidays but that doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of the shops updating their stationery lines and adding a few pieces to my stash. I know it’s something of a blogger cliché to claim you love stationery but it stands to reason if we’re into ‘aesthetics’ and having to constantly prep and plan blog posts we want something pretty to write our never ending to do lists down in.

I’m also sure I’ve shared with the story of when I was a child I didn’t like chocolate(!) and instead of receiving Easter Eggs I would be given various stationery items as I liked ‘writing’ so much. My nostalgic stories aside HEMA got in touch following my thumbs up of their Beauty Range and asked if I’d like to receive some items from their Back to School range. Never one to turn down the opportunity for a new fancy pants notebook I said yes!

As I said when first introduced to HEMA it’s a brand much like Flying Tiger and similarly priced. The items I’m sharing with you today are all priced around £2 which, whilst I have a lot of love for Paperchase makes it slightly more affordable – especially if you’re anything like me you go through notebooks a rapid rate.

Back To School Stationery

The bunny print notebook* is very cute and typical of the style I like. Lightweight, A5 sized and with ruled pages. It’s just the right blogger companion. There are a variety of designs and prints available from HEMA whatever your taste although if you like something smaller, the A6 sized two pack of notebooks* is a great fit. Again it’s lined, something of a must for me when it comes to notebooks and it’s elasticated closure allows some stashing of additional paper notes. The one colour design means you’re able to customise if that is your preference and again, HEMA have you sorted with an array of stickers. I’m a bit of a fan of these sticky notes which decorate my ramblings and make things look a little more pleasing. In fact my niece took one look at these and whipped them away before I was able to enjoy thoroughly.

Interestingly the product I’m enjoying the most is the 12 pack of highlighters*. I’ve currently got quite a good notebook system in place, certainly not to bullet journal standards but something that works for me being able to make all my blog notes whilst covering off the everyday life to dos. Highlighting various sections has been necessary to draw my eye to various points and being able to use a variety of colours has been even more effective for my notetaking.
Unlike you’re ‘regular’ highlight these have a finer nib so I don’t find my page is overtaken with more highlighter than the actual ‘note’ I’m making.

What are your back to school essentials and where do you shop for them? 

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I love the bunny notebook!! I love stationery, I pick it up all over the place to be honest depending on what I'm looking for, these products look great though :) x

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I'm the same, I am a sucker for Paperchase but their things can be so expensive and the reality of how much I need these days these affordable items can be easily justified!! x

  2. I love stationery too! Love the bunnies :)!

  3. I LOVE stationary - I need a Hema up here!!! lol xx

  4. Replies
    1. I love this time of year, it makes me want to stock up on so many new notebooks!!

  5. Loving your new goodies. See you at break time! x


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