Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Travel Essentials

What's that we see in the sky? Could it be the sun? Yes the past two days have been glorious sunshine and whilst there may be rain on the horizon I thought I'd jump in quickly and share with you a few Summer essentials whether you'll be chasing the UK sun or travelling abroad like I am in two weeks time.

First up is MonuPlus Beauty Balm* which I've been enjoying on my no make up days at weekends. The MonuPlus Beauty Balm is designed to 'energise and awaken the complexion' with Orange and Neroli Essential Oils to calm redness and broken capillaries - so perfect if you've enjoyed two many margaritas and late nights on your holiday.

Applied after your moisturiser this is perfect for smoothing out the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so a great addition before heading to the beach if you need a little more confidence. You can even apply a thick layer and leave for 15 minutes creating a mask that leaves skin looking it's best if you have a big night out on your holiday when you know lot's of selfies will be taken.

If you're travelling long haul on your holiday or staying in an air conditioned apartment then keeping your skin hydrated will be important. Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream* is from an Australian brand using 100% natural ingredients such as Chamomile and Green Tea (to soothe and calm) and Pomegranate (to promote skin elasticity).

The perfect natural moisturiser which protects against dehydrating environmental effects it is easily absorbed in the skin and makes it the perfect addition to your in flight beauty kit.

When I am heading on holiday you could almost say I enjoy the packing and planning process more than the holiday itself. I love nothing more than putting together check lists and one of the things I always used to include was some sort of first aid kit. The reality was that beyond a few plasters and paracetamol for those hangovers the other bumph would be taking up unnecessary space.

That said I'm quite keen to make space for NatraSan First Aid Spray* in it's handy travel buddy size as I have a feeling it will come in handy. Whether you're backpacking or relaxing in a luxurious beach resort I think you'll find a use for this new first aid spray.

NatraSan First Aid Spray contains pure hypochlorous acid which is the body's own antiseptic. And what does that do? Helps our body to kill all manner of germs that can be found in planes (tray tables are apparently harbouring more bacteria than the toilets - yuk!) but its also effective against pesky bites, minor burns from that Summer BBQ.

This handy 100ml size is perfect to check the box for having something to tackle the chance of a bite but more importantly having a sanitiser on hand. Anything that says it kills 99.9999% of germs gets the thumbs up in my book. I'll be testing more thoroughly in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.

This Works is a brand that is far much more than their famous Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and recently I've had the opportunity to try out This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow*. Marketed as a 'battery pack in a bottle' this all in one serum and skin luminiser is great for those of us that find sleeping a challenge or perhaps are exhausted and sleep deprived with jet lag.

You can use This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow* in place of or in addition to moisturiser so it makes a suitable companion for the Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream* or MonuPlus Beauty Balm*. If you're looking to maximise your products on holiday and find those that can achieve multiple uses then why not try adding to your foundation or as an illuminating primer step.

Perhaps you're travelling for business and need to boost your mental and physical alertness then this formula that contains Ylang Ylang ticks the box as well as balancing Geranium and revitalising Rosemary. All these ingredients are there to uplift and leave your radiant for any day ahead even if it's just battling tourists on your City Break.

Another product from the brand is This Works Skin Deep Beauty Oil* which comes in a travel friendly rollerball. Applied to pulse points as either a fragrance or mood booster, thanks to the plant oil ingredients, during your flight or simply as on the go boost of hydration to your skin this is very much a handbag essential. It's a simple way to add a little first class luxury in even the smallest economy sized seat.

Moving on to more intimate products and the travel sized Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash* which I've blogged about in it's more traditional size here. No one wants their holiday spoiled by discomfort and irritation and all that sea and sand can cause havoc. Designed especially for 'down there' it's well worth sticking to your routine if you find regular shower gels lead to issues. I traveled with Femfresh Wipes* when I went to Florida earlier in the year and they really came in handy if you found yourself in a bathroom without toilet paper - and even for any handy cleans ups from sticky ice cream .

Finally it'll be no surprise that if I'm heading to warmer climates I'll be armed with Sure Maximum Protection* my everyday must-have essential. Yes I could find a smaller, more travel friendly deodorant but I'd rather not take the chance and like to stick with what I know. I might not be the most active person on holiday (I'll be watching beach volleyball rather than participating) I still like to ensure that the walk from the hotel to that beachside cocktail bar doesn't leave me a sweaty mess.

What are your Summer Holiday essentials?

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  1. I like the sound of that Monu Beauty Balm! I wish I found that travel size of FemFresh before heading on my holidays as I can't be without it and don't like using my usual body shower gels for down there ;)x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It's a lovely product to use. The travel sizes are so handy aren't there. Especially when, as you say you're using regularly at home but that week on holiday you try and cut back on products, leave it behind and then you're in trouble!

  2. The Monu balm sounds great, I'd love to try that out. I always take first aid things with me on holiday too, Simon laughs at me but my 1st aid kit has come in handy many times for us and others too around the pool :) Great post as always xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. It's a nice product and worth trying. Ha see I'm saying I don't need a first kit and you know this year I'll need it! xx


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