Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Max Factor, An Introduction

Max Factor Make Up

A couple of months back I was invited along to a launch event for Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara* and whilst it's not the done thing for bloggers to express excitement about goodie bags we come home with and be rather blase about the contents I was pleased for the opportunity to sample not just the mascara but more from Max Factor.

Does anyone else overlook Max Factor or is it just me? From my recent sampling I won't be overlooking them in future as I've really enjoyed the products.

Max Factor Mascara

The new Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara* is going to give you fuller, more lifted lashes thanks to an innovative brush wand with alternating fins and bristles to ensure all your lashes are gripped and coated with product. It's even been designed noting the typical length of lashes and allowing a 360 degree application. Believe me it was all very scientific.

At the end is a 'boost tip' designed for your bottom lashes although I don't fair too well with this and it's worth noting this is a big brush so it's not one to apply on the go or in a hurry.

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Red Lipstick

I'm not sure how I missed the Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection as it's right up my street combing too of my loves. Everyone woman should be able to find a red lipstick to suit them and this collection is there to help them. I received a couple of shades to try which I found both to be creamy and moisturising. In today's world well we're all loving liquid lipsticks and matte formulas it was nice to return to a more traditional formula.

There are four shades; Marilyn Ruby Red the original shade Marilyn was found of wearing and is your true red. If you're pale skinned and like to wear a red lip and winged liner then this is for you. Another for paler ladies is Marilyn Berry which is more of a pink toned red.

If you're looking for an orangey red then Marilyn Sunset Red is for you and is another favourite of mine. As a frequent red lip wearer but wanting to give a nod to the summer (even if the UK is barely showing any signs of the season!). And the final shade is a deeper red called Marilyn Cabernet
perhaps my least favourite shade but certainly one I'd look at wearing more in the Winter months.

I'm not really a fan of pink shades but I was happy to give Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette in Rose Nudes* a try. Whilst Max Factor isn't a brand I reach for and is perhaps stuck in my mind as a more traditional brand, perhaps for 'older woman' it's a shame the packaging gives a bad image. It's very cheap and plastic and why oh why are we still seeing these sponge applicators. The eye shadows themselves are nice, nothing too exciting (which is more personal preference) but with a fair pigmentation and range that you can create a number of looks from.

If you're planning to visit a Max Factor my picks would be the mascara and lipsticks but do share your favourites.

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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  1. I never ever look at Max Factor, but the lipstick looks lovely, I wouldn't go for the palette as the shades are too pinky for me but it's nice if those colours are what someone is after, I always think the prices are a little too much for a drugstore brand and recently tried the hyped up false lash effect mascara and was really disappointed, it's a shame but they're just not on my radar at all, great post as always lovely xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. Too hop I've come to catch up on your posts no excuses I've just been a lazy moo with no mojo!!! Anyhoo love the colours in the eye Palette it is true about max factor being a brand I would overlook xx


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