Monday, September 28, 2015

September 2015 Favourites

Throughout the month I have a page in my notebook where I list down products or 'things' that I have been enjoying throughout the month. Whilst there were a few other things of note it was these three that stood out to me and I decided, less is more.

First up we have my latest obsession, Snapchat. I've downloaded the app numerous times but did not have a clue what I was doing. Not to mention with all the other areas of social media I'm trying to keep up with did I need another? Apparently I do. For those who don't know its for you to upload a 10 second video or image, your 'snap' where it will sit for 24 hours and then disappear into the world wide web.

As someone who is interested in vlogging but lacks the time and skill at present to film and edit 'proper' vlogs this is perfect. Just recently you will have seen me snapping the tidy up of my dressing table as well as sneak peeks at products I'm testing at the moment. The images are great for when you have something not quite instagram worthy but still want to share.

You can find me under username FlorenceandMary.

Next is an old favourite, Mac Syrup lipstick. I have had this lipstick for years and as you can see its well loved. More recently I've swerved the neutrals for my reds and to be honest I don't reach for Mac that often but lately I've been craving a nude lip of sorts as I play around with darker eyeshadows and this does the trick. It's now found a 'permanent' home in my everyday make up bag.

A product I forgot to include in the photograph (and didn't like the ones I retook yesterday!) but still wanted to mention is the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. I'm lucky enough to own both Lorac Pro Palettes and with each of those comes an eye primer. I always reach for eye primers before big nights out but on a day to day basis it's something I skip. As I'm having a sort through of my make up collection I wanted to test this out and see how it compared to the Urban Decay eye primer I would usually use and whether it was something to keep. The first thing I've noticed subsequently is both the Urban Decay and Lorac eye primers are comparable and work well at maintaining the longevity of my eye make up but it's the Lorac one that stood out initially as I'd not used the UD one for so long and thought the Lorac was amazing. In short eye primers are now part of my daily make up routine.

Finally is the Sensationail at home gel nail kit*. You may have read my review post here but if not in short this is a quick, simple and long lasting gel kit that you can do in the comfort of your home, taking the same time as any normal nail paint job. The nails lasted a good two weeks with some minor chipping towards the end which I think was as much to do with my not sealing the ends of the nails as general wear. I also found it didn't lift as obviously as salon gel manicures yet when I went to remove them it came off far easier. My overall experience with this kit is a good one and it was telling that as soon as I removed them I wanted to reapply again for ease but I was restrained and allowed my nails a rest for a week.

So there you have a short and sweet favourites post this month, what have you been loving?

*This post contains press samples

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  1. Lovely lipstick. I saw some flamingos the other day and thought of you!

    1. wait to you see what I've just brought for my flat!!

    2. I really tried to do Snapchat. Downloaded it, tried it, got laughed at and a refusal to be my snapchat 'friend' from 15yo son, and deleted it again. I MIGHT try it again when I'm on hol and I have more time! x

    3. It's great fun and handy for when you're out and about and don't want to vlog or stage a photo for instagram x

  2. Am I the only one who enjoys seeing such well loved makeup products?! :)
    My autumnal favorite is Rimmel by Kate lipstick in 111 Kiss of Life (classic red) x

    1. No I love that too!!! Oh I'll have to investigate that colour, I do love a red x


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