Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Clayspray Face Mask Review

With an overflowing shelf in my bathroom containing all manner of facemasks it's taken some time to test Clayspray's 'first intelligent clay'. It's always been my belief that clay masks are much of a muchness, clay is clay but Clayspray are proving they're different by removing impurities without taking along the good from your skin along with it. Most clay masks will contain 15-20% clay whereas Clayspray include 65% and I must say I was very impressed.

If you follow me on Snapchat you might have been 'lucky' to see me testing out the Clayspray White Clay Mineral Masque*. The mask says it will remove dead cells and impurities revealing a younger looking, softer skin whilst reducing pore size. Now we all know that pore size cannot be reduced, only the appearance and I wouldn't say it knocked years off me but my skin certainly looked better after removing. 

If you were to purchase Clayspray it would come in a bottle which contains a sealed inner bag, (to protect the clay) surrounded by air pressure so that the product is always fresh, hygienic and ready to use. I've tested the bottles out at events but my product was in sachet form and I did find that I needed two of these to cover my face adequately. 

Aside from the effort required to squeeze the product from it's sachet this was a much easier clay to work with and didn't seem as messy as other offerings. Thick enough to not drip everywhere yet smooth enough to cover my face without dragging. It quickly dried and tightened on my skin, not uncomfortably so and it reminded me of the Glamglow mask without all the messy bits.

Once I'd removed the mask my skin was positively glowing, so much so I kept giving myself a glance in the mirror! Usually I would reach for a hydrating mask before a big night out of special event and usually the night before but if I were cut short I'd happily reach for Clayspray to give my skin a boost. 

Clayspray is paraben and preservative free and contain all natural ingredients which are not test on animals and is suitable for use by Vegans so there seems little reason not to try it. It is definitely a brand I will be repurchasing from and using in the future. 

Have you tried Clayspray before?

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  1. 'Positively glowing' = adds to shopping list!

  2. I had Clayspray mask before and it was fantastic! I think I need to repurchase it, although I might actually try to use the ten other clay masks I already have, lol! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

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