Monday, March 9, 2015

Collection Work The Colour Nail Polish

Collection Work The Colour Nail Polish* link
I'll hold my hands up and admit Collection would not be a make up range I would have given a second look were it not for attending an event with them last year. I was blown away by the products I tried which you can read about in this post. Of course every blogger loves the Collection Concealor, including myself but one of my favourite products from their range is the Work The Colour nail polishes.

Each colour is available for £1.99 which is a great price and then when you add in Boots various offers of 3 for 2 of current two for £3 they're one of the cheapest nail products around. But are they any good? In short yes. They're opaque after two coats and depending on your top coat of choice will certainly last a good 2 - 3 days. I appreciate many others say or like their nail polish to last weeks but it's only recently I'm getting long wear out of my nail polish due to my recent top coat addition you can read about here

Where I particularly favour this range is for trying trend colours or simply slightly out there ones. I pretty much stick around the pink or red nail colours as my staple but every so often there's a desire or outfit that calls for something a little jazzier and that's where I visit the Collection stand. 

Of course the products I'm showcasing today are the pinks in my stash, Babydoll Pink which I'm thinking of reaching for as Spring approaches, Pink Cadillac and a recent favourite Tropical Pink - I think this would look fantastic with a tan don't you agree. 

Have you tried this affordable nail polish range, what did you make of it?

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  1. I love these polishes too - and those colours are gorgeous (love the flamingo background too ;-)) xx

    Tea Party With Alice

  2. I really like the middle shade it's so pretty! The only thing I've tried from them is the concealer which I love too!

    1. I'm finding the concealer too drying for me at the moment but I've had luck with it in the past x

  3. Replies
    1. Especially now the sun appears to be peeking through the clouds!


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