Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Scents with Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics* link
When Bath Cosmetics asked if I wanted to sample a few items from their Spring releases and a huge and delicious smelling box arrived I couldn't wait to dive into the multicoloured peanuts and see what I had to play with. Unfortunately I had to wait a day or two before I could put them to the test and I must say that even without using for their designated purposes I'd happily purchase for their scent alone. My spare room smelt amazing whilst I stored them in there.

I had vaguely heard about Bomb Cosmetics and unwittingly spotted their items, more often the 'Bath Blasters' in local independent stores but wasn't as aware of the variety on offer. As a brand it's worth noting all products are handmade, filled with natural butters and pure essential oils and they do not test on animals and more often than not, look good enough to eat. 

Baby Shower Blaster* link
Blueberry Funday Blaster* link
As I have already mentioned I have often seen Bomb Cosmetics range of Bath Blasters, Melts and the like in stores because how could you not they are very aesthetically pleasing. Whilst that other well known bath bomb stockists releases their more fun items seasonally Bomb Cosmetics bath blasters designed to look like cupcakes, donuts or with cute bows on top are available all year round. 

I haven't had a chance to use Baby Shower yet (it's earmarked for this evenings bath) but that familiar scent of baby powder is evident and anything with shea butter gets a tick from me and would certainly make a fantastic Baby Shower gift.

The Blueberry Funday blaster on the other hand I have used and the scent is amazing and probably the one I particularly found filled my spare room so deliciously. There are no bubbles with these blasters but it did make me laugh as it fizzed away in the bath and it turned the water a wonderful shade of blue that it was almost like bathing in the ocean. Unfortunately it did sink to the bottom so the fizzing was below surface and instead I found myself picking it up to enjoy the fizzing. 

Miss Tangleberry Soap* link
I'm not really one for using soap, if only because of the numerous bottles of shower gel in my possession and would probably have thrown Miss Tangleberry in a drawer to scent my clothing were it a gift from a friend. Having been sent it for review I did of course use as intended and the fruity scent to 'blow away fatigue' with it's Mandarin and Bergamot essential oils was rather pleasant. I was even impressed with the lather I was able to build up to shave my legs without any irritation. 

Sweet as Cherry Pie Body Lotion* link
We all have those products that you have to remind yourself it's not edible and the Sweet as Cherry Pie Body Lotion is definitely on that list. The scent of cherry is strong in this body lotion but without being synthetic or overbearing. Of course if you're not a fan of the sweeter, fruity scents then you are unlikely to enjoy this body lotion but for me, who whilst not the no 1 sweet scented fan I love this body lotion. Aside from the scent I love a body lotion in a pump dispenser which I find far easier to use than tubs and tubes. The packaging is pretty and decorative enough to sit atop my dressing table which means I reach for it often. Thick enough to moisturise but light enough with a formula that doesn't leave skin sticky this is definitely going to be the product I'm enjoying using throughout Spring. 

Piped Candles* link
Finally we have possibly the cutest candle ever that broke my heart to burn - the things us bloggers have to do! I received the Summer picnic candle which evokes juicy pineapple, wedges of pear and sweet strawberries. Another item I could've used for scent even before setting light to it. 

Overall I'm pretty impressed with Bomb Cosmetics on all three levels, scent, appearance and function. I'd definitely purchase Bomb Cosmetics for myself or as gifts for others. I love their ranges mean you can mix and match to create a personalised gift for any friends and family.

Are you familiar with Bomb Cosmetics? 

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  1. It's obviously the day for Bath Bombs as I've got some over on my blog today :). I like Bath Bombs, I wouldn't rate them as highly as Lush personally but they're always extra gorgeous looking and give nice results in the bath! That candle looks amazing though! x

    Tea Party With Alice

    1. Ha I mean't to say I like Bomb Cosmetics*

    2. I knew the candle would be right up your street! x

  2. I love their candles, but hate the things you put in the bath - although my 11 year old niece loves them! Their foot cream is quite nice, too. And the Pina Colada shower butter is literally my favourite shower product ever! x

  3. I've never heard of them and am not a great fan of overly sweet scents - however a pump dispenser is always a good thing! x

    1. Yes some of these might definitely be a little too sweet for you! x

  4. Ooh you lucky lady! I really love Bomb Cosmetics, for some reason their bath things appeal a lot more to me than Lush's offerings but I have no idea why! xx

  5. So many beautiful things, what a treat. I've never used them before.

    Have a great day!

    1. Worth keeping an eye out as they're often in independent stores x

  6. You will have a line in your hand crafted shower bombs where the sides of the Christmas ball shape fits together, however this is definitely not a major ordeal. In some cases a little flaw adds to the appeal of the completed item.quality bath products


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