Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2014 Body Favourites & Goals

As 2015 is well underway my main goal for the body (ignoring any such 'have a figure to rival a Victoria Secrets model' fantasies) is to use body lotion on a more frequent basis. Slightly dull but I think many of us will admit it's the one product in our beauty rituals we are less than diligent with and for some reason I have an abundance of.

That said I was better in 2014 than any other. It may have taken me a year to finish a tub of Clinque Body Butter but I am getting better currently using Roger & Gallet's Bots D'Orange* and the favourite of 2014 Ameliorate both of which I initially spoke of in this post.

As I mentioned in my earlier  post Ameliorate is a pricey body lotion which is not a luxury item but one with a purpose and that is to treat 'chicken skin'. These two elements were what encouraged me to use the body lotion regularly because when I did I saw results. Admittedly as 2014 came to end so too did my use of Ameliorate whilst my legs were encased in thick tights for warmth and due to working my through the tube at a rapid rate. I am now rather than using as my standard body lotion applying it directly to the areas I need it's help to prolong it's use and enjoy other lotions in my stash. The results are evident and as such this will become a staple product for me.

Unlike body lotions, body scrubs are something I use regularly and my favourite has to be Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub, the second tub I repurchased recently. I have used other scrubs such as one from St Ives, another from The Body Shop seen in my December Empties but it's the Breakfast Scrub I return to. It balances the right consistency of being coarse enough to exfoliate yet smooth enough to be comfortable - and of course there's the scent which is perfect for Winter. As we move into Summer I'm looking forward to diving into my tub of Sugar Crush I received for Christmas and if I win the lottery I'd love to purchase the Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub which is complete decadence should you have the budget.

The TheraPearl Heat Pad* featured in my Sick Day Saviours post and is used monthly to tackle the stomach pain and back ache that only fellow women can sympathise with. No longer am I suffering in silence or waking up with a cold 'hot' water bottle in the morning.

Radox as a budget brand is one I love. I have worked for them for many years before I knew or saw 'beauty blogging' as a 'thing'. There shower gels are always found in my bathroom and cannot be found fault with. Having recently tried other budget bubble bath brands by way of trying other things I will certainly be returning to Radox as the others fell short in comparison. Yes I love my higher end versions of both shower and bath products but for everyday these more than do the job without compromising on quality,

Finally the Gillette Venus & Olay razor I initially reviewed in this post has become a real favourite of mine. Since receiving the initial sample of this product I have gone on to repurchase more blades as I've really come to enjoy using it and other razors have been neglected in favour of this. It gives such a great shave and whilst additional shower gel isn't needed and depending on the shower gel in question things can get a tad gunky I love how smooth my legs feel and the ease in which shaving is done.

There is my list of body products that topped my list for 2014, what would be on yours?

*PR Sample

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  1. I too need to work in my moisturising maintenance, nobody likes scaly skin!! X

  2. Yup, body lotion is one of those things I keep forgetting and I dont know why I've got shed loads of the stuff and my legs dont look alligatory )if thats a word!!) I know it sounds daft as well, but last summer I noticed that it seemed to slow down hair growth on my legs unless because it was soft it didnt seem so noticable - if that makes sense lol. Just off to catch up with your other posts. Hope you are well xxx hugs xxx

    1. Let's go with scaly shall we just in case alligatory isn't a word ;o)

  3. We do not have Raddox here we have Caress that is a bargain brand this purple beautiful scent that I can not get enough of. Favorite razor is intuition. Do you have that there? I am shopping for a cheap flat iron to use in London when I come in April. I have a Chi and it is not recommended to bring I burnt one out in Paris already. ugh any recomendations? Thank you Grace

    1. Yes I think Caress is very similar to Radox. I'm not sure about Intution, I'll investigate. I've just sent you a tweet about the flat iron, Babyliss is an affordable brand I'd recommend when you land x

  4. I use E45 - it's amazing! Everything else is too greasy.


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