Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Biosculpture Nail Removal

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I love a Biosculpture manicure but the removal of gel nails has to be up there as one of the worst parts of my beauty regime but removing the gel polish correctly is quite important.

The first experience I had with gel nails I must confess as they lifted I peeled away the polish which of course is not ideal as you are peeling away layers of the actual nail. As my nails are not the strongest due to years of acrylics and then of course the daily grind of applying nail polish taking the time to remove my gels properly is important.

When I had a biosculpture manicure last Summer I was giving a handy pack of all the tools I need to remove the gel properly at home. Included in the pack was files, hand cream, gel remover and bottles of cuticle oil and Vitamin E dose to treat the nail once the colour was removed.

Some cotton pads and tin foil finish off the requirements for a night on the sofa with my hands out of action. Of course the gel remover is simply an acetone formula and I find how quickly the process is depends much on the colour and time of when you remove the nails. 

I used this pack when removing a Gelish manicure last week and as I was wearing a dark purple shade it took slightly longer than my previous experience. Of course it's also quite fiddly if you're not ambedextrous as you try to wrap the foil around the nail (with an acetone soaked piece of cotton wool). I prefer to do one hand at a time so I can still tap away on my phone or laptop which prolongs the process but avoids becoming too impatient, removing the foils and having to aggressively scrape the remains rather than a gentle nudge with an orange stick.

I have found after two continuous gel applications my nails were possibly weaker than usual so I enjoyed giving them a break over the weekend from gels or nail polish but using the Biosculpture Lavender Base helped to give them a shine and treatment.

Having gel polish removed in salons can add extra time and money onto your appointments so I much prefer to do this job at home so a pack such as this is worthwhile - especially if it stops me from naughty picking.

Now it's time for you to 'fess up - do you peel or remove your gel manicure 'properly'?

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  1. Hmmm, a bit of both, if I'm honest! I do my own gel manicures at home, bought the kit about three years ago, but I think it weakens the nails, and I only use them occasionally now. Love how long they last, though x

    1. Yes I agree I had two sets of gels one after the other and when I finally removed them they were really weak so I'm trying to only have them done for holidays and the like. x

  2. I took my acrylics off 2 years ago and thrilled. I only do gel if I am going away or a fancy occassion. I like to change my polish but as it chips I find myself lazy to remove it and looks tacky. lol Have you tried the portable nail polish remover wipes? Maybe if I have in my bag I can remove quicker. Grace xoox

    1. Yes same for me as I just said to Caroline above. It does weaken my already very weak nails and as you say when it chips it's more effort to remove than regular nail polish. x

  3. I am a peeler which is really bad, I definitely need this set!



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