Thursday, December 18, 2014

Janjira Therapy Massage Candle

Janjira Therapy Massage Candle* link

When one of my BFF's got engaged a few weeks ago I wanted to get her a little something in celebration particularly when she picked me as her bridesmaid. There was the obvious choice of flowers but at a time when Christmas decorations are in full abundance and the Facebook evidence telling me that others had already done that I wanted something different. Then I remembered the Janjira Massage Candle* I'd recently tested and how 'couple appropriate' it would be.

First of all get all your mucky thoughts of Body of Evidence style candle behaviour. This isn't about pouring molten wax on your or anyone else's body. This candle melts to a warm oil that once you have blown out the flame and allowed to cool slightly can be poured, using the holders handy spout, into the hands and used as a massage oil.

This isn't the cheapest candle at £34 but it is one of the most luxurious I've ever used and for my solo expedition I tried it on the cuticles, elbows and feet, oh to have someone to massage my feet. The scent is what I can only describe as 'spa-like'. I appreciate that is somewhat cliched and of course the real scent is somewhere in the zesty, citrus bracket but to have this burning in my bathroom and then used after on my skin was a real delight for all senses and for a newly engaged couple I could imagine quite fun!

Does this sound like something you would like to share?

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  1. This sounds amazing and a gorgeous gift for a newlywed couple. I'd personally love it, although it would probably be my husband's worst nightmare! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. HA I'm sure a few husbands wouldn't appreciate the prospect of massaging their loved ones feet!!

  2. Give me spa-like scent and massage and I am all in. It sounds like a very unique and relaxing experience :)


  3. Lovely gift but £34!!!! I don't think I'll be buying..... do you think Lidl candles would do the same thing? haha...

    1. HA it is a pricey one but if you think you get two products in one!

      Have you used Lidl candles before, any good? x

  4. Wow, what an unusual idea - I think it's great to find something so original. NOt sure I'd shell out £34 to buy it for myself, but it's great for a gift x

    1. I guess when you think how much Jo Malone candles are etc at least this one has a dual function x


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