Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Girls

We all love to receive a beauty or fragrance gift set whatever age we may be but I do remember fondly feeling oh so chic when I'd receive a fragrance gift set such as the Kiss Me City Chic* set from So…? when I was younger. I was recently having a conversation with my friend asking what her daughter would like for Christmas and her birthday on the 19th (oh those December birthdays!!). At the age of 11 she is very much at that stage of loving make up and perfume and who better to aid her on that journey than her little old me!

The Kiss Me City Chic set first of all appeals to me on so many levels, I love the drawing style of the chic lady on the box and inside you receive an EDT, body lotion and lip balm. I have a feeling this kit will be well received by that special little lady and come in handy for her mum's forthcoming wedding next month. Whilst there is a RRP of £5.99 it's available for much lower prices at your usual supermarkets so handy to throw in the trolley whilst you're picking up your turkey and brussel sprouts. 

So…? have many gift sets available such as these rather excellently designed body fragrances which I'm sure any little madam you may know would like and if you live in a house of little ladies these are ideal for splitting up for stockings or for children to give as gifts to their friends. Christmas can seem pricey and never ending but this sets are so affordable and as mentioned above available from your local supermarket they also come in handy when you realise you've forgot someone and the only store open is your nearest branch of Tesco.

KISS Nail Art Starter Kit* UK link / US link
I'm fairly certain I won't be very popular with the recipients of the KISS Nail Art Starter Kit* mum 
but I can imagine the fun my honorary niece will love bringing together her love of crafting and beauty with a little nail art and certainly do a better job than I would.

Has this given you some ideas for the younger ladies you buy gifts for or would you be jealous and want them for yourself?

*PR Sample

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