Monday, July 2, 2012

My Latest Obsession is.....


It's a new love following a dinner last year in a local restaurant but it's fast becoming the essential element of my weekend dining

Whilst I'm not an advocate of cutting out carbs from your diet I have found recently my tolerance for eating them is waning and I feel much better for avoiding them with big meals and the halloumi gives another dimension to my chicken dinner

Are you a fan of halloumi? 

I'd love to know how you use it in your meals

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  1. How funny-I went to a barbecue on Friday and had chicken,halloumi and salad-DELICIOUS!I also like grilled goats cheese salad-have you trie that?
    Have a happy week,
    Callie x

  2. I am another Haloumi fan. I love it grilled with a big mixed salad. YUM.

  3. I loooove halloumi! In fact I just had it for breakfast with beetroot dressing, and it was to die for...

  4. I love halloumi!
    I'm with you on the carbs too. Like you, I don't think I could or that anyone should cut them out completely, (even us Essex girls...No carbs, before Marbs...)but I find that if I lay off bread it makes a differenc to how I feel. I feel less bloated and lighter. From today I am cutting out bread altogether and will have rice, noodles and pasta instead. And in not such large quantities!

  5. Im not, and I wish I was.

    I think it was a Jamie Oliver recipe that made me want to try it, it was covered in sesame seeds and fried. Looked fab. But I didn't enjoy it. I find it a bit salty. A shame. I really, really want to like it.

    But I don't.


  6. I'm afraid I'm not a fan! I don't think it has any taste grilled or otherwise - sorry. Grilled goats cheese though is my favourite food, ever!

  7. i am addicted to Haulloumi!!

    i have it in salads, pastas and fajitas.

    some people fry their hullomi in oil but i find it best to dry fry it as it keeps the salty flavour better. xx


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