Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning Progress!

First some stats...

Total no. of bin bags: 6
No. of pictures hung: 12
No. of black sacks of washing given to my mum: 2

It's been a long day and as is always the case everything takes longer than expected!

I can confirm that my kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned thanks to the help off my mum!

My bedroom is looking like the luxurious boudoir I'd planned and I can't wait to crawl into bed!

Today I'm off to IKEA to buy some chairs and then Tesco to stock up for my feast on Saturday returning home to start prepping, planning and continue with the clean up

Here's some pictures from home of my work today!



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  1. Ah, its looking lovely! Lots of sleep for you, to be full of energy to tackle IKEA tomorrow! Gotta love Mum. Sweet Dreams :) xxx

  2. Doesnt it feel amazing when everying is squeeky clean!
    Your bedroom is looking lovely.


  3. Well done! I really need to sort my house out, but I can't get motivated to do it just yet!

  4. Want to come and help me when you're finished??

    All looking good so far. Enjoy your trip to Ikea.

  5. It's looking good. Love MM isn't she just so beautiful.
    Lisa x

  6. Looking good hun, I've come to a bit of a stanstill with my Spring cleaning, I blame the school holidays ;o)
    Can I come to Ikea with you, Rich refuses to take Me, we've only been together once and it resulted in us not talking for the rest of the day lol!

    B xxx

  7. Forgot to say, love your lamp xxx

  8. Looking sparkly clean and rather tidy. Well done on hanging up all those pictures. I have some do, but I keep looking at them stuck down the side of the chest of drawers, I think they are happy there and it seems a shame to disturb them. No? Oh all right then, I shall get my hammer out xx

  9. It is looking wonderful- you must feel so happy!I love it when evrything is well organised and sorted....
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  10. Beautiful!!! And look how everything is shining! Well done you&mummy!

  11. Good Work hun, looking fabulous,even better that your mum took some washing!! Thumbs up for mum :o) Scarlett x

  12. It is looking fabulous. Love your art deco wall mask! x

  13. Looking good! Hooray for Mum's who help and are good at washing (I have one of those too) x

  14. You did a fabulous job of it!!! I love your glam bedroom, the lavendar/purple is gorgeous!!

  15. Wow, you have been working hard. It all looks fab!

  16. Looking lovely! We have the same Audrey Hepburn pic in our en suite (this will give you a little giggle - the loo was blocked up there for a while, so we had to stick to the main bathroom, and when it was finally sorted, hubby to be said to me ''I missed Audrey's little face watching me do my business'' Haha men are funny creatures! xxx


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