Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have today off work and what fun plans do I have????

As the title suggests Spring Cleaning is on today's agenda!

I've brought new furniture, there's a new rug and even a new Dyson but yet my cleaning regime leaves a lot to be desired! If you were to walk in my flat you'd be forgiven for thinking squatters had moved in!

Only in my world would a pizza box, 3 Yankee Candles, a Hello Kitty keyring and bottles of margarita mix be found together!

These make up brushes have sat in this jug to be cleaned (I have been changing the water!) for weeks now 

But all this will end today! I have friends over for dinner Saturday and one makes Monica (from Friends) look messy so I know my cleaning habits will be under scrutiny! Even my mum has been drafted in to assist!

It might be nearly 1am but I'm currently emptying old jars of food past their sell by date to clean and dot around my home with tealights and my freezer is waiting to be organised before I'll allow myself some sleep!

I'm actually looking forward to it! Sometimes I think I enjoy making a mess as seeing it tidy again makes you feel like you've achieved something!!

Please don't judge me!

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  1. Awwwww bless - thanks for making me smile - I'm such the total opposite, in fact I could be like your dinner guest on Saturday. I even clean BEFORE the cleaner arrives! I can't have her thinking I'm unclean/tidy!

  2. I hope you had a great day off! Hope lots of cleaning got done!

  3. I'd like to say you'd never find a mess in my house but that would be a big fat lie!!! Just don't invite friends around! x

  4. Why should we judge you???!
    Blogland is the land of prettiness and perfection, well done you for breaching the rules and showing the real everyday life! Bravo! it better to say "have fun" or "keep calm and carry on"?!

  5. So refreshing to see a lived in home! Love this post as i got to a point thinking everyone in blog land lived in these super tidy homes and im here looking from my laptop watching my son throw toys from his toy basket round the living room! Have a fab day off - its a shame it has to be spent cleaning (in my world cleaning is such a chore!) Scarlett x

  6. Every time I clean up and it looks good I wonder why I let it get so messy in the first place, but you can't live without making a mess!

  7. Its so funny that you posted this - I was up til nearly 2am this morning tidying! Must be something in the water :P

  8. I was kinda looking forward to my house staying orderly, with my children away for a bit. I'm slowly learning that I really can't blame them for *all* of the mess, as its not a lot better in their absence.

    I love your mess- it has alchohol and kitty keyrings! Mine is much less glam, and is more of the breadcrumb and ironing variety (although not in the same room...) xxx

  9. As long as you're happy what does a little mess matter!!! I'm sure your guests will enjoy your company much more than a tidy house, Lucey xx

  10. I always have a mega blitz on the cleaning when expecting visitors too. xx

  11. Your so darn cute miss Adorable and I judge you as normal...Have fun are you cooking?

  12. ooh, dirty girl! what a mucky little lady you are :o)

    only joking. I love a good clean out and declutter. In fact, plotting the very same thing on Saturday. Husband is whisking the girl off to the seaside (Clacton!) with his rotten mother, so I'm staying home to sort out my wardrobe with a glass of prosecco! yeyhey. happy days! xx

  13. I love deep cleaning! Such a great feeling when you know everywhere is sparkling (I'm terrible for letting things slide, although got a definite Monica streak that freaks out when they do!). Enjoy dinner on Saturday x


    Hee hee! At last I feel normal in Blogsville. Remember when I asked your advice over a year ago, on how these girls photograph their homes for their blogs and it all looks immaculate? What a refreshing change to see your mess. Now if you were to come here you would think we have been burgled as almost everything is in the wrong place, add a good sprinkling of labrador hairs over it all and 'Welcome to my world!' ;o)

  15. I'm sure you tidiedup before you took those pics :) Have fun cleaning!!!

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