Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bring out the Bunting!

The table is laid, the bunting has been hung, I have Union Jacks everywhere and my mum has cooked a ham all for tomorrow's BIG EVENT

I'll be watching with mum, two of my aunts and my SIL when we'll have lot's of champagne and lot's of nibbles! 

I can't wait - where will you be watching?

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  1. I have the bunting :)
    I have MY tiara and MY veil from MY wedding and I will be wearing them both along with MY pj's .. . .. with a group of girl friends.
    We will be drinking champagne from tea cups and nibbling on lamingtons, scones, cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches . . .
    God Save The Queen

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Seems that you will have a fantastic time.
    I will be watching at home. Or at least trying to watch as much as I can while little man will be loudly monkey around. :)

  3. I hope you all have a fab time together tomorrow. We are going into town to join in with a big street party there. Fingers crossed for the weather!
    Lisa x

  4. Looks fabulous, hope you all have a great time. I'll be watching at home hoping that the little man decides to take his nap at that time :o) Scarlett x

  5. Your table looks fantastic! I love the actual table - is it vintage? Did you make or buy the bunting?

    I didn't plan soon enough and don't have any decorations for tomorrow :(

    Jewel x

  6. Wow you are organised! Miss P would be envious. I have not planned anything other than sit and watch some of it to keep Miss company. I have a fair on Saturday and tomorrow is meant to be my getting organised day....
    I hope you enjoy the day.
    Isabelle x

  7. The decorations look fab! I'm off to a family party dressed in red, white & blue of course x

  8. I'll be watching with a friend but really wish I'd arranged a party xx

  9. Enjoy watching the festivities! I will be catching the news clips of the wedding. Tomorrow is moving day for me so I'll be really busy with that. Have fun!!

  10. Tiara and red frock for me, as I eat a gingerbread crown at a friend's tea party. Your table looks fab!

  11. Bunting tutorial on my blog today as these fab things must be made if in the USA!!

    LOVE your table...

  12. I will be cleaning the B&B rooms as we have a busy weekend, but my daughter will be watching - hope you have a nice day!

    Pomona x

  13. I have my bunting up outside the summer house, my daughter has scones and clotted cream ready, but where will I the hairdressers trying to convince everyone my colour is natural....but no doubt I will still see plenty and will definitely be raising a toast! Have a lovely day.
    Jenny x

  14. Ohh Im so sad I will be working! I will deffinately be taping it though. Pretty exciting :)


  15. There will be three generations of women here too. Me, my mum,and the gorgeous girl! Got some wine, pink lemonade, will bake a cake,and just can't wait!

    Royal weddings are just brilliant! I am beyond excited!

    enjoy xxx

  16. I'd love to be there and take part to the celebrations, even if I'm a foreigner!
    I won't probably neither watch it on the internet as I have some urgent matters to sort out today, including the renewal of my driving licence (I have discovered it has expired over 3 months ago........I'd kick myself :)
    I'm pretty sure there will be lots of repeats!
    Have fun!

  17. I'm just off to hang up my strings of bunting in the garden, put on my best frock, get the champers on ice, and get the best seat in front of the telly with a big hankie as I'm sure to bubby all the way through!! Lucey xx

  18. YES! Bunting! I need to make me some...


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