Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Rob!

Today is my brothers birthday and if you remember he requested cinnamon buns so I decided to turn that request into an American themed brunch
(sorry for the picture quality I'm still without a camera and using my blackberry)

With the help of Nigella I baked pancakes (Mickey Mouse shaped - and that wasn't easy!) and blueberry muffins

Cinnamon Buns - and that's icing not fat as my dad thought!

Although I think there was plenty of calories in them!

There was also scrambled eggs and bacon, oatmeal raisin cookies, a Victoria Sponge cake and a basket of treats for my nephew

(which he spotted as soon as he walked in!)

Happy Birthday Rob - I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Wow, you are one brilliant sister, Victoria - it all looks amazing. Can I come round for brunch please?! xx

  2. Aren't you a lovely sister? Can you be my sister please?
    Happy birthday to your brother.

  3. What a great sister you are Victoria. Happy Birthday to your brother! I am sure he appreciated everything you did for him!

  4. Birthday wishes to the handsome fella! I hope he knows what a fab sister he has. You spoiled him rotten :o) xx

  5. Mmmmmm (that's about the stuff you baked duhhh, I wouldn't dare talking like that about your brother!)!
    Happy Birthday to your brother!

  6. Happy Birthday Robert! Your sister is a diamond!

  7. Happy birthday to your brother! :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your brother...what a cutie. The brunch looks wonderful, you are a sweet sister...hugs, Linda

  9. How nice of you Was this something you planned in your planner...I bet he loved it! Your so sweet.

  10. awww what a good sis you are. The buns look yummy!


  11. mmmm looks great, love the buns :)
    Happy birthday Rob

  12. Hope Rob enjoyed his birthday, everything looks fab Vic.

    Hugs xxx

  13. What a treat of a sister you are, happy birthday handsome Rob, Lucey xx

  14. Happy birthday, Rob!
    Gosh, you laid on a fantastic spread for your brother, what a lucky fella he is. Those cinnamon buns look mouthwateringly delicious.

  15. What a fab idea, you are a very thoughtful sister!
    Lisa x

  16. You're a good sister! i hope you had a great day with your family!

  17. Happy birthday Rob!!! The only other thing I can say is - cinnamon buns and none for me!!!!!


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