Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Review | Saints V Sinners by Katie Agnew

This week I'm reading Saints Vs Sinners by Katie Agnew

Set in Monaco amongst the rich set it is the usual tale that money doesn't buy you happiness.
I'm half way through and it's a perfect accompaniment to my journey into work

As for last weeks read; Dancing at Midnight once again I enjoyed another of Julia Quinn's books but I couldn't help feeling like I was reading the same story. I think I'll leave it a short while before I read another so it feels more fresh

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  1. In high school I use to read all the V.C.Andrews books and then they all started off and ended the same, I know what you mean very predictable...Food Revolution i will have to check that out....Pizza is my one food choice if I was ever stranded on a desert Island and I could only choose one thing! did you ever play that as a kid , I do it with the kids all the time!

  2. All I'm managing is homework right now...pah! ha ha. x

  3. Lucky you to have the chance of reading so many books! I have a book on my bedside table since one month and haven't managed to open it yet (curious about the title?! Lonely Planet - Fast Talk English.... :)

  4. Looks good!! I may have to order it from the library!!!!!

  5. I do love your book reviews! Have a great week! Susie xxx

  6. Love seeing the books you're reading! Just learned about
    and have gone totally mad ordering everything I always wanted to buy that was too expensive!

  7. Looks like a gooooood read. EnJOY!
    Have a happy week. xx


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