Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quality Not Quantity

Today for Weight Loss Wednesday I'm going to raise the subject of quality not quantity

I've been far more successful this round of
WeightWatchers by being a bit more selective about what I'm eating
Previously all yummy foods and treats have been banished, replaced with carrot sticks and somewhere between crisp breads and rice cakes I've lost my motivation and dived head first into a tub of malteasers!


Not this time!


WeightWatchers have a number of great cakes and biscuits available which I do have my cupboards stocked with and enjoy eating but did you know…

Oreo Cookies are only 1 point each?


I’d much rather 2 of those for 2 points than 2 weightwatchers biscuits (my least fave thing) for 1.5 points
And Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers


only 0.5 points each!

Previously I’d ignored these sorts of treats assuming they were too high in points

I now prefer having a treat like this rather than the "diet" option which isn't as enjoyable

The same can be applied for savoury treats, Kelly mentioned last week preferring one brand of filled jacket potatoes to the other although there was a points difference she enjoyed one more

EDITED to add:

As Pomona rightly points out cheese is also something we tend to avoid on diets. I have sampled the WW cheese and not enjoyed it at all so instead I weigh pots of "normal" cheese out and bring them with me to work and find its more than enough to cover a jacket potato or add to a sandwich!

This is why if doing WW the points calculator is a handy tool. I take mine around the supermarket and if there’s something I’d enjoy I work out the points first – and often I’m surprised by what I “can” have

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  1. Chocolate Fingers only 0.5 points? Sounds good to me! x

  2. Ugh, Victoria I weighted my self today! i gained 10 pounds since the wedding November 19TH! That is the first gain in almost four years, I am so stunned! The only place I feel strange in my clothes is the upper arms, go figure? Well I better cut out those late night hungry attacks!!! Love ya,Lori

  3. Sounds sensible. I think when you deny yourself something you want it even more so a bit of thought and planning in the treat department helps.
    Lisa x

  4. :o) but, me with a box of choccy fingers = me with a gut full of choccy fingers and choc around my mouth! he he he.

    I thought I was being clever at the weekend, when I bought a box of Go Ahead (so yummy). Imagine my joy/total horror to find it made up of packs containing two biccies. I have to scoff both of them once opened!!! ;o)

    Enjoy your day xx

  5. Oreos is my favorite and only 1 point??? WOW, then I don´t have to have bad conciens when I eat them ;)

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  7. I'm off out to buy some chocolate fingers...

  8. I have found that if you buy really good quality cheddar (eg from Riverford) you only need a minute sprinkling on top of a potato, because it has such an intense flavour, while the cheap and cheerful supermarket stuff is so tasteless that you end up with mountains of the stuff on top of your food, and presumably lots of extra fat and calories. So actually the expensive stuff is better for you, and works out just as economical - I just wish it worked for other non-edible things, too!

    Pomona x

  9. Thanks again for more great advice. After 8's are my 1/2 point treat (although I do have 4)!xx

  10. Good things to know. I found out the other day that a humous and avocado sandwich that I used to eat was like 12 points or something! I was like 'what?!' It is healthy but...oh well... a twix is also better than a mars bar.... xxx

  11. Mmmmmmmmmmmmh...Maltesers!!!!!!!!
    Please Victoria,hide them away from me! Ha ha! xxx

  12. thing is with the oreos and choc fingers is that there is no way i'd be able to eat just 1 or 2 , the whole box would go, so well done you if you've got the willpower!!!!


  13. I agree.. you must always treat your self or you will give up or relapse! Have a great week!

  14. I'm so pleased its going well for you.....:>))

    I love C.fingers....yum!

    Even all these yrs later....nearly 10 since my 5 stone weight loss..!!! I still stick within my Slimming world safty becomes a way of life, not a look upon it as a diet makes it feel me at least.....:>))
    I love my food!!!!

    Hopethe packing is going well??xxx

  15. I have read that you shouldn't cut out all the "bad" foods when you diet because then you crave them all the more and lose interest in dieting all together. Good for you with doing so well on WW! Keep up the good work!

  16. Thanks for answering the prayer request.

  17. Ohooo I love chocolate fingers and can eat a packet in one go ;) I have to have them in for the children you see. I bet you are getting really excited about your move, can't wait to hear how it all goes :)


  18. Yum!.., Yet "yum" with forethought!

    You are warmly invited for a truly calorie free "virtual tea party"; with "the click of your mouse", you are invited to enjoy our, Wednesday Tea For Me and Thee!..,

    cheers from Wanda Lee @ Silken Purse

  19. Hi Victoria,
    I'm back on the WW wagon!!!
    First week back and I totally agree with you. I like the WW chocolate bars, great with a cup of tea. I tend to work out a weeks worth of points online on the daily tracker, and leave points for snacks.
    Keep up the good work, hopefully I will have lost some weight this week.
    Luv Sophie xxx
    PS blog seems to be working now, think it had some issues today!!!

  20. Sounds like the secret of success!!

  21. Wow, am off to get me some oreos and fingers!! x


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