Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #4

Cambridge Station

vintage homeware essexvintage homeware essex
vintage childrens books essex
I hope everyone had lovely long weekends, would you like to see what I got up to? Saturday I went into Cambridge with my friend, Kelly and her flower girl, Morgan to pick up our dresses for THE wedding
I’m pleased to report that my bridesmaid dress looked GREAT (if I do say so myself!) and even better fitted perfectly – what a relief! Comforted by this fact we decided to head off for lunch….

Hmmmm maybe my dress won’t fit so perfectly if I carry on eating all that cake?! After lunch we collected our dresses and caught the train home. Here’s the Bride guarding our dresses and Morgan and I showing off our new wedding shoes

And there was a bit of fun with feather boas and bunny ears on the train home although don’t panic these aren’t part of our wedding outfits! a hen party had some spare “props” and offered them to Morgan but I had to have a play!

Sunday I took myself to a boot sale and found some treasures. I think my favourite item is the sewing pattern, my mum like the knives and has “borrowed” them for now
I used to love Mrs Pepperpot stories when I was little so I was pleased to find these books and more Ladybird and Enid Blyton for my collections
I also did a few crafty things which didn’t go quite to plan but I will tell you more about those in another post!
Monday I enjoyed lunch here with my brother and his family and then returned home to prepare myself for Tuesday’s return to work

I look forward to hearing how you spent the weekend

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend. I used to love Mrs Pepperpot, there was a lady who lived up the road that looked just like her!!! I used to have that book.... wonder where it went.
    Was it knitting that didn't go to plan? :)

  2. Hi there! It looks like you had a splendid holiday, what fun preparing for a wedding with your friend! I LOVE the pearl handled knives you found at the boot sale! Gorgeous! Suzie

  3. i loved Mrs Pepperpot too!!!! I lurve the shoes!!!


  4. I love the shoes and you both look so cute with the bunny ears! I cannot wait to see the both of you dressed for the wedding. Great haul at the carboot sale again, another Enid Blyton sigh...

  5. Wow, the wedding's going to be great fun! How exciting to get all dressed up so nicely. I love those little pearl handled knives - I like the idea of your mum wandering off with them too! I have a strange collection of my mum's cutlery over here in France - how do odd spoons and knives wander from Edinburgh to France like that?

  6. What a wonderful weekend -- is there anything more fun than trying on a pretty dress followed by cake??!!

    I hope you'll be posting some photos of the wedding!!

  7. The pattern you picked up looks great-i would love to be able to make something like that!
    Your wedding shoes are lovely too, weddings are so exciting :)

  8. Oh my gosh I absolutely love the shoes!


  9. Victoria, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Aren't Bank holidays great!!

  10. Oh what fun shopping for the wedding. Hope that Hens Night is fun. Love the shoes.

  11. I loved Mrs Pepperpot too. Great knife set and the wedding shoes look fab!
    Yvonne x

  12. Your weekend sounds great! I love your wedding shoes and lunch looks delish..hugs, Linda

  13. Love your shoes and the knife set, toooo cute. xx

  14. Looks like great fun. Nice finds.
    I love Cambridge.

  15. I adore your shoes! Can't wait to see your dress. The pink boa is hilarious! Good fun. (I'd have 'borrowed' those butter knives too! Gorgeous!) xo Heather


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